Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Special Photoshoot - Paddy

Several months ago I did a photo shoot for my friend Monique.  I was disappointed with how the shots turned out.  Many of them were okay, but in general I overexposed the majority.  Since I was just learning how to use my camera and shoot everything on manual it was to be expected.  But I was sad.

Especially when I saw the pictures I shot of Monique's very senior 'heart' dog Paddy.  I cried thinking what an injustice I did that lovely dog and worried over her passing before I could rectify my mistake.

Last week I got my chance.  Suffice it to say...I am happy with the results!   

Well Hello Paddy!  So nice to see you again!  

 If your mom gives you some treats, will you pose for me?  

 I love all the expressions on her face. 

Lets put you in the flower bed with the sunlight and trees behind you.  

Oh so serious...

A little unsure...

A little stressed.....YAWN

A little more reassurance and love from Monique

How about we try something different?  Whatcha think Paddy?  

How about some with you two together?  

Paddy, I think your Momma loves you!  

Happy faces! 

Ooops...snuck one of your momma without you in it!  

Lets move inside and get some close up shots with my nifty 50 mm lens?  How 'bout dem apples?  

I would kill for those eye lashes!  


I get so used to photographing black and white dogs, it is a pleasure to photograph this lovely animal, with the gold tones and warm colors.  

Such a sweet face. 

So much love...

 Tomorrow, one of Monique's other dogs.... Zora!  


ros said...

Amazing photos of a truly beautiful dog. You must be proud with how they turned out I love the one where paddy is getting a hug from mummy.From Angus and Milo

Monique said...

You did a beautiful job. Can't thank you enough.
(Paddy's mommy)

RYKER said...

Lovely photos! Monique has a wonderful bunch of dogs. Paddy is such a sweet soul.
We just love all your photos and keep them in mind as we fumble along with our shots.
Sandy and Ryker

Lean said...

wauw beautiful pictures such a cool dog.