Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Road to Wackyville

I am taking Brynn, Beth and my new best friend (canon 100-400 lens) to Fire Ridge Sheep Dog Trial this weekend.  Mind you, my daughter is VERY pregnant (due 11/8/10) with our first grandchild.  Making the decision to drive 5 hours to the trial with the possibility she may have the baby has been a difficult decision.  But it does not look like the baby is going to make an appearance this weekend, and my daughter said "Please go the trial Mom, you are driving me NUTS!".  Apparently the text messages and phone calls every hour on the hour have been a bit too much?  I do have an objective to the madness.  I have been trying to irritate her into labor.  Sadly, it didn't work...yet.  I can still text her and call her from Milton-Freewater, Oregon. 

Brynn is excited for another road trip!  

Beth says "Bring it on!"

We have been working on the issues with Brynn's outrun, lift and fetch.  Since driving has been going so well, everything else fell apart.  Now we are trying to bring it all together.   My objective is not to win a novice/novice trial with her, rather to make sure Brynn can be successful and work correctly.  Time, miles and positive experience.  Every trial we attend she relaxes more and more around other people.  The growling, snarling brat has been replaced with a self assured little dog who accepts new people and dogs without a blink.  She is growing up nicely. 

My mini goals this weekend:  Acknowledge me and not come in short or overrun the top (hopefully she will go deep enough - but that is one of the issues we have had with the outruns brought on by driving) .  Slow down and flank on the fetch (if necessary), then try not to break the sound barrier on the drive. 

Ever wonder what Brynn would look like with prick ears?  Wonder no more!  

Wacky ears!  

Happy dog. 

Speaking of wacky ears....Bonnie has prick ears too! 

She also has a tail that defies explanation.  Even Brynn appears startled when the array of magnificence makes an appearance. 

"Yep that is my tail....pretty awesome huh?"

Now you know why I spend hours picking burrs, sticks, and even rocks on occasion out of her backside.  

She is the only long haired dog I need.  Smooth coats for me forever.   Like these two.  

And we cant forget this one. 

Ranger, the dog of many looks





Suave, debonaire.  We call this his "George Clooney" expression. 

I am not quite sure what to label this look.  Terror?  Fear?  Surprise?  

How about the "I am sorry I ran into you, please don't rip my face off"  expression?  

Yes, he does have it "goin' on".   We are happy here in Wackyville. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


food for thought said...

i could look at your pics all day long... mesmerizing come to mind first off. i have a weakness for black and white, nothing speaks more clearly to me :)

Corbin said...

Good luck at the trials and on the grandbaby! Can't wait to see/read the results! Great pictures, as always!

Veronica Lodge said...

Stunning pictures, your short hairs remind me of my dog Broo who is border collie/aussie/blue heeler. I had no idea there were even such things as short hairs as I have only ever seen them with a long coat. He makes more sense now lol. Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

That first shot of Beth with the chewed grass on her tongue is PRICELESS. And wow -- grandkid on the way! Keep us all posted...

RYKER said...

Fabulous Photos, love the autumn colors in the background of Ranger. Sweet!
Have tons of fun at Trials!

Kathy said...

FANTASTIC pictures, hope that baby is on its way by now (how exciting is a first grandbaby?)....and hope you had a great weekend at the trial!!!