Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obviously Obvious

I am one of those people, where the obvious...just ain't that obvious.  My kids used to call me Captain Obvious.  It took me a while to figure out they were being sarcastic.  

Have you ever had someone tell you something, drill it into your head and  for whatever reason, it just didn't stick?

Kind of like when my parents warned me what would happen if I climbed the scraggly tree in the back yard.  Did I listen?  Oh no.  Not only did I climb that stupid tree, but when I got to the top I decided to play "Super Lumberjack" and start swaying the top back and forth, until it snapped.  

It didn't occur to me they might be right, until I was on my way down, breaking every branch I hit along the way.  

After I hit the ground, my friend looked at me with an utter look of horror, and said "You weren't 'spozed to be up dere" then turned and ran screaming back home.

It pains me to admit this, but I think something else has finally sunk in. 

It is not how often I work my dogs. 
 It is how often I work them PROPERLY


Too often I am out in the field flailing around, looking at my cuticles, scraping mud off my boots or gazing at the pretty mountain in the distance. Or thinking "Oh what a pretty dog, I love the way she runs.", or "Look at the fleece on that ewe, I can't wait to spin it."  

Suddenly the sheep are at my feet.  How did that happen?  Whoops, I guess I was distracted.  


If I am consistent, expect proper work all the time, instead of letting them slice a flank here or there, cheat a stop, blow off a steady - we will progress faster - even if we only 'train' twice a week.  


Conversely, if I am working my dog every day and I am confusing the crap out of her, we will progress slower.  If I allow them to get away with shoddy work, every other day, then how can I expect them to be correct at a trial? 


You'd think this would have settled into my head by now.  Even though I am thinking it, writing it, typing it, etc I will still go out there at some point in the next few days, get distracted by the alfalfa in my bra, or a duck in the water and forget what I am doing.  

I call it the Menopause Training Technique.  
Every day is a wonderful new beginning! 
Because you cant remember shit from the day or minute before.  

What was I saying? 

I have made some decisions about trialing. 

I am only going to enter trials that will benefit my dog & me as a handler.  There is absolutely no reason why I need to be trialing my dog every two or three weeks during the winter training trials, running on the same sheep, same field every time.  I am not going to enter every single trial near-by in the summer either.   It does not help me and I am burning my dog out.  Besides, it costs lotsa $$$ 

So, I am going to choose our trials wisely in this New Year.   I will combine them with opportunities to train in different places, visit good friends and make it a positive experience for us all.  I will expect nothing, only to use the trial as an opportunity to focus on a specific area of training & to build our confidence.

This is supposed to be fun!  Right? 


I am tired of taking trials and myself too seriously.  This is just a measure of where we are in training.  Nothing more, nothing less.  


In the big scheme of things, it just ain't that important.  :)

It is nice when perspective allows for a little attitude adjustment.  


Happy New Year everyone!  May this year bring you, your family and pack bountiful happiness, riches of love & bottomless bowls of joy. 

(Thank you to Kelsey Nichols for shooting these pictures of Brynn working while I was in Idaho.  What a great surprise, I had forgotten about them and found them on my memory card while processing the rest of the shots for everyone else.  You did a great job!)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jorgen's TMT

I have been out of the TMT loop for a few weeks. Jorgen posted the questions again this week and I thought I would give it a stab.

What is your favorite clothing to wear?

I have surrendered my vanity or vestige of a waist line and enveloped my immenseness in comfy stretchy waist denim britches. I bought my first pair a few weeks ago. I am never going back. My fat rolls have never been happier. In the cold weather I combine them with a roomy fleece vest, tee-shirt and wool socks I am a happy farmer. If I am at home I adore sweats or my pajamas.

What do you think your dogs thinks about you?

My new Canine Thought Interpreter has reached experimental stage of product development and this is what it told me was on my dog's minds in general. Since dogs live in the moment, I was only able to dissect a small window of thoughts.

Ranger: Food? Pet me? (pee on wall) pet me, food? TOY! (lick privates) FOOOOOD? "Let me turn on that light switch for you...gimme FOOD!" (pee on couch - hide while camera face wails) WALKIES! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Scratch my butt please. Aren't I cute rolling around like a puppy? I love you. Food? SQUIRREL! CROWS IN MY TREE - KILL THEM! (dammit, why do you have to put the bark collar on when I am having fun?) I hate you.

Beth: Leave me alone unless you are gonna throw the ball. Throw the ball? Screw the sheep, throw the f*cking ball now or you will lose your knee caps. I am so cute, see me wag just the tip of my tail? My big brown eyes are so throw that doGdamn ball or I will shred stupid f*cking ugly elastic waist pants you old fat b*tch. (Yes, Beth has a potty mouth and thinks I am an idiot).

Bonnie: I have a bone, see my bone? No one else gets my bone, here you can hold my bone then I am going to launch myself into your lap and remove most of the skin from your thighs, but you really want me on your lap, I know you do. How about now, while you are typing? No warning, I can leap from the doggie bed and clear the desk, no problem. Key board? Who needs a key board, you are put on this earth to pet me and adore me. I have freckles. Please take the dingle berry off my ass - can't reach it. Thank you, I will leave it on your pillow next to my chewed up bone that I know you want, you love me, I love you. Soooo sleepy, FEEEEEEEED ME.

Brynn: Sheep? Now? What do you mean we are done? I can still see them. You get in the crate. NO do not turn on the WINDSHIELD WIPERS! I WILL DIE! (hides and shakes in crate all the way home while raining). Where is my bone.  Jolly ball! Must kill my Skinny. Wag it in Ranger's face...SUCKER. Growl, snarl, you cant have it Ranger Moron. What? Camera Face says I have to stop being a bitch.  Time to eat. It is 5 minutes past dinner time, get off the computer and feed me please. I have my head on your lap, see my squinty eyes - they are begging you to feed me because I am hungry. I work so hard for you. Buy me more sheep. I bit one yesterday, it was fun. Need to barf, you clean it up...I know it is the middle of the night, so I will barf on your pillow. You wont mind. When are we leaving for the sheep in the morning? How about now, it is 4am. I am ready. Thanks. Lets go....

Bea: I love you. I am happy. Food is good, sheep are better. I just want to make you happy. I love you. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Take my picture. I like to play and bite Ranger's neck. Brynn is my best friend. Sheep? Where? I love you, you need a hug. I like to lick your neck. Sheep? I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I just want to be good and for you to be happy with me. I love you.

Are you happy about the past year trialing, do you think next year will be better?

Yes, I am happy. I look back at the beginning of the year when we were running novice and compare it to our Pro-Novice run at Sleddin' & Sheddin' I am very happy. I have made some huge changes in my support system and it has made a tremendous difference for me emotionally. Brynn is coming along, I think I am improving, slowly, and that is okay. I still have a long way to go, continue working on the tone of my voice & projecting emotion, but we are getting there. I look forward to next year & taking the pressure off a bit & having fun with Bea.

If you would ask a TMT question that you did not have to answer, what question would you ask?

I really want to ask something but I am afraid it will sound VERY catty. So I am going to decline to answer this question.

Terrible Plunger

I was cruising through my phone and forgot I shot this video while staying at Jaenne's in Idaho.

One morning we were getting ready to leave, while I was brushing my teeth, Bea & Brynn were exploring the bathroom.  Suddenly Brynn succumbed to terror  darted out of the bathroom, bashed into the wall, skidded into the bedroom and dove into Bea's crate. 

It took me a few minutes to figure out that she was terrified of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plunger that was standing next to the loo.

I could not let an opportunity like this pass me by.  Brynn needed to make friends with the plunger and I needed to test out the video capabilities on my iPhone.  

Do you suppose if I took the plunger to the post at the next trial she might actually listen to my lie down whistle? Would that be considered a 'training aid' or not?

I wonder...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Kindness

Dogs are honest, transparent, loyal and trusting.  Their love may be based on my ability to provide them with the things they need to survive - but in return they provide me with what I need - unconditional acceptance and love.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

I am surprised at how cruel people can be to each other.  It blindsides me because I do not expect it.  I do not operate that way, thus I naively assume others do not either.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  - Maya Angelou

Yesterday I took my kids to see the movie 'War Horse'.  We were unable to enjoy the movie to its fullest extent because of an extremely drunk elderly woman who stumbled up the stairs and sat on the steps at our feet, mumbling, and rocking.   Only one seat was available next to us and for some reason, I offered it to her.

Really, I had two choices - choose contempt or compassion.  Contempt:  Make a scene, get security and have them remove her - sour our attitudes & maybe the movie for the people around us.  Or treat this woman like someone who deserved my compassion.  What harm would it do for me to be kind?  For whatever reason G_d placed her next to me. 

What if this woman was my child?  Or my friend?  How would I want them to be treated?  What if it were me? 

It very well could be any one of us.  It is so easy to turn up our nose and think we will never be in those same circumstances.   You don't know that.  If you had been born into a fractured family, had a different set of genes, life experiences, pain, despair, abandonment, it could be any one of us.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.  - Dalai Lama

Most of the movie she held my hand, stroked my arm, laid her head on my shoulder, giggled with the movie, cheered for the horse and cried.  Parts of me wanted to pull away.  Many times I wanted to push her off of me...but I thought of my son.  My strange son with schizophrenia.  I pray he encounters people in his life who react with kindness instead of contempt. 

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. ~ Mother Teresa

Who is a better person? A homeless young woman walking the streets selling the only thing she has left?  Or successful pediatric oncologist? Who is more beloved in the eyes of our Heavenly Father? 

Is that for you to answer? 

Often we meet people in the middle of their life story.  We do not know the challenges a person may have faced.  What happened at the beginning of their story?   When you met the person you simply opened a book up in the middle - never bothering to go back and find out how they arrived at that chapter.

We judge too quickly. 

Who says your blood is redder than his? (Talmud - Sanhedrin 74a)

People who may seem to be at the lowest part of their life, may have in fact worked for years to overcome circumstances, abuse, hardship, tragedy to even reach the point they are at now. 

I have tried to teach my children to not judge someone "unless you have walked a mile in his shoes".  Since we can never be in exactly the same set of shoes, or know the summation of their life experiences, judging someone is not an effective means of coping.

Judging needs to be replaced with compassion & acceptance. 

Instead of saying "How dare you" why not replace it with "How did you get here?" and then listen with an open heart, compassion and love.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.  - Wayne Dyer

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays & Mr. Chewy Contest Winner

Listen, I have important news to share!

Are you listening?

This big old fat dude is coming to my house tonight and he is bringing me all sorts of yummy things. 

I am all kinds of excited! 

I had to promise Camera Face I wouldn't bite him.  
I promise to be good. 


I hope the fat dude comes to visit you too! 

And now for our Mr Chewy gift certificate winner!  I picked it out with a little help from Camera Face.  She wrote all the names on paper, then tossed them in the air above my head.  I sniffed some, but the winner is the one I deliberately touched when Camera  Face told me to pick one.


Congratulations PGrant, please email me at to claim your $50.00 gift certificate from Mr. Chewy.  

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. 

From our family to yours we send warm wishes for a happy holiday surrounded by the love our families and animals bring to us each and every day. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sheep a Shepherd Makes

It all started for the dogs.  I bought sheep for my dogs to work with the focus being on my dogs and doing better at trials.  Emphasis on growing and learning - with the objective to be a better handler.

Be it a subtle change in direction, perhaps even a shift of priorities, the last six months things have evolved.

The sheep are not simply tools to train my dogs with, they are an investment. Living breathing creatures that can pay their keep and if I do this right maybe even bring in a profit, at the very least they can pay for themselves.

I want them healthy and content.

When I work my dog I  understand the absolute importance to keeping my sheep calm and moving them in a 'workman like manner', especially now that they are all pregnant.  I don't want them running all over the field & slipping lambs.  The pace needs to be consistent, and stress free as possible. 

It is coming together now.  I fully grasp why it is essential I have a dog that can walk straight into the sheep and hold her own, especially at feeding time.  I have been trampled a few times and it stopped being fun - she needs to be able to push them down the alley and out into the pasture so I am able to get their feed ready without being run over.

The dog's flanks need to be wide, square and respectful so as to not cause undo stress or cause the sheep to suddenly startle - bolt running into fences or doing other stupid sheepy things.

I need my dog to be able to drive, hold sheep off of me, separate the sheep and shove them into pens and down alleys.  A dog that stay back as I gate sort, yet come up and push when I need it.

I need a dog that can reliably hold the sheep into a small area, such as an open stall, so I can grab one and treat it for a wound, maybe give it an injection - or like today untangle a huge black berry vine from its fleece without shredding my fingers.  If my dog won't listen to me or pushes the sheep too much they will bolt and I will get hurt.

The emphasis is off training for a trial, now it is on helping me take care of the sheep.  In the long run that is what the trial is about - how well the dog performs practical work.

Each hour I spend fiddle farting around with the sheep and my dog are peaceful and fulfilling.   I love my sheep, immensely enjoy taking care of them.  I love the relationship that is solidifying with Brynn as we do the chores every day.

Many afternoon's I will just stand and watch them eat.  Just being with them I can feel my blood pressure lowering, becoming part of a whole, absorbing the peace & purpose of mother nature.

I enjoy their quirky personalities.  They may be part of a flock, but each one is an individual and have distinct behaviors that separate them from the others.  They are silly, and I believe they have a sense of humor.

Why are you on the ground?

I did this backward.  Got the border collie, then the land & the sheep and now I have become a shepherd.  Funny how things come in full circle.

I have been assimilated, happily part of the Ovine Caretaker Collective.

(All of the above sheep (not dog) photos were shot with my new iPhone 4S.  Not a bad little camera on that thing.  I have been having a blast playing with lighting, back lighting and lens flares.  The photos were also processed on my phone with the  camera+ app.   I still can't believe what that tiny little phone can do - advances in technology blow me away when I think about it.  And yes, I took a picture of the sheep while I sat on the ground after falling down...yet again.  They were a wee bit amused.)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ann Wants to Know

Ann over at Suntrip Samoyeds & 2 Border Collies asked some questions on her blog.  Her questions are for handlers who trial, who work home flocks, who work commercial flocks.

Ann wants to know:

What is your perfect dog?
  • Do you like a dog that is really on the muscle?
I think I am with the crowd here when I say I HATE THAT EXPRESSION.  If I were to say Brynn was "on the muscle" to me it means she is in charge and not listening to a damn thing I say, scream, blow, spit, flail or sputter.  Not unlike my teenage son.  
  • Do you like a dog that needs a steady stream of whistles?
I have no idea.  The only experience I have with a dog on whistles is Brynn.  She listens to only half of the whistles I blow, mostly because she is "on the muscle' and flipping me the proverbial middle claw.  
  • Are you a maximal or minimal whistler?
Maximal dysfunctional. Minimally understood.  
  • Do you like a natural dog that feels the sheep and just needs a little direction here and there?
That would be my dream.  Actually Brynn has fantastic feel and the older she gets, and more experience we have together the better it is getting.  I just hope one day I will stop undermining her feel.  
  • Do you like a dog that prefers certain type of sheep?
Nope, I want my dog to be able to rate her sheep regardless of type and manage them adequately. - which is why I am so thankful to have a wide variety of sheep to work.  We have sheep ranging from very light to down right cantankerous, my dogs should be able to handle them all.  I enjoy mixing them up and creating different combinations which effects the flight zone/sheep bubble.  It makes the dogs think and helps me figure things out too.   
  • Do you like a dog that wants to partner up and be a really good team player?
Brynn partners up with me all the time, it is me that drops the ball in that relationship.  Every time I step through the gate with Brynn she is partnering with me - I project my emotions, on any given day onto her and it all goes to hell.  She is consistent, I am the weak link. 
  • Do you like a dog that really knows what s/he wants and you, as a handler really has to manage?
I think that type of dog would overwhelm me at this stage in learning.  Unfortunately that describes Beth pretty well.  She wants what she wants...and if I want something contrary to her desires, she quits, or just bites the shit out of the sheep, runs them into fences then hides under the car.  
  • Do you want push?
Yep, plenty.  I would rather have push that I can pull back, than not have enough when it is required.  Brynn has push, Beth has none.  If I have Beth move the sheep out of the night pasture she does not have the strength required to keep moving them down the alley when they decide to turn around and go back the other way...unfortunately I get trampled, or my feet tangled in the electric fence which results in screaming, swearing and Beth once again hiding under the car.  
  • Do you want a good listener?
I have always wanted a good listener.  But my husband is a typical man, born deaf to anything uttered by a female.  My children have congenital maternal listening defects.  Ideally at least my dog should listen to me, or there is no purpose in living.
  • Do you want try? (Not tri.)
Brynn is all try.  Beth is try when she feels like it, then hides under the car.  Try is much better than no try. 
  • Do you like a dog who gets the job done, no matter the sheep, but it’s a big job to get that dog listening?
I would prefer that type of dog over one who is a petulant brat that hides under the car when you so much as say her name loudly.  
  • Do you want it all?
I only want to be able to fit into my skinny jeans one day.  That is my dream.  
  • How does your style as a handler select the style of dog you like? 
I dont know yet.  My handling is dominated by advanced schizophrenic bi-postal directional disorder.   The only real experience I have is with Brynn, Beth and Bonnie (who was not destined to work anything other than the food bowl).  Bea is just beginning.  Bea is full of try, soft dog who wants nothing more than to please, a correction will go far with her - as opposed to Brynn who will take a correction, think about it then decide if she needed to listen to me or not.  Beth, well lets just say I am not happy with Beth right now - she had a reason to hide under the car and I have the bruises & residual electrical burns to show for it.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Giveaway: Merry Christmas from Mr. Chewy

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Chewy contacted me with an excellent proposition, $50.00 order credit just to try them out. 

I ordered a box full of grain-free treats & other yummy stuff.

The website is easy to navigate, the service was prompt, simple and delivery was fast. Shipping is free on any order over $49.00.  They have a broad selection of pet food, treats and toys to choose from. 

Check out Mr. Chewy's available Brands

While I feed raw food to the dogs at home, I will use kibble when we travel.  Mr Chewy offers our favorite brand of dog kibble Acana at competitive prices & with no shipping cost it is the same as going to our local store - without having to lug home the big heavy boxes. 

An added bonus - I will be using Mr. Chewy to deliver dog food to Bea while she is in Idaho at training, if needed.  Consider it for the holidays, especially if you travel with your pet by air. Order ahead and have the dog food waiting for you at your destination rather than dragging it with you on your trip. 

Just in time for Christmas I would like to give away (courtesy of Mr. Chewy) another $50.00 gift certificate for use on the Mr. Chewy website.

How to Enter:  Visit Mr. Chewy's site.  Pick out what you would like to order, then come back and post a comment telling me what you would like to buy.   Ranger will randomly select the winner on Christmas Eve. 

Good Luck!

Friday, December 16, 2011

'Meh' Sweatshirt

Today was one of those days that did not prove worthwhile to get out of bed. Cranky, grumpy, irritable, cantankerous, ill tempered which are easily summed up by the expression  'meh'. 

My day was ruined by a sweatshirt. 

I had been patiently waiting for a sweatshirt I ordered a couple of months ago. When mail man delivered my package I shook with anticipation & fear.  Apprehensively I cut open the plastic and took out my new sweatshirt. Standing at the counter, I lovingly stroked it like a new kitten.  I smelled it, rubbed it against my cheek & sighed.  Bonding had begun.   Carefully, I placed it on the counter, where I was able to smile at it and flirt with it from a far.  

I special ordered my new friend because I needed a unusual size and worked with the artist on the design. Assuredly this sweatshirt was going to forge my membership into the  'in-group' wearing the cool sweatshirts everyone else seemed to have - except for me - due to my fatness.

Obviously there is a large part of my fragile psyche that is wedged in high school. 

Today was the day.  I was going to wear my new baby.  In advance I selected the jeans, my tee-shirt and socks.  I cradled up my beautiful new sweatshirt, coo'ed to it and perched it reverently it on the dresser where I was able to watch it like a sleeping infant as I dressed. 

Then I was ready.  I stood in front of the mirror, took in a deep breath and slowly slipped it on.

One arm... 

Dammit, I forgot to hold onto my tee-shirt sleeve, as it slid up to my elbow.  

Lets start this again, hold onto sleeve, slip my arm into the hole.

Okay, now the next arm.


This doesn't feel right.

Is one arm longer than the other?

I hold them in front of me and look.  No, they appear to be the same length they were when I went to bed last night.

Must have twisted the arm of my teeshirt as I pulled the sweatshirt on.  So I adjusted it.  It still felt weird.  Looking in the mirror, I zipped it.

Why is this tight?  Why is the zipper being pulled in one direction?  The gig line is decidedly crooked.

As far as I knew my fatness was evenly distributed, although the sweatshirt seemed to disagree.  

Okay, maybe it just needs to settle down, get to know my body.  I am just being paranoid.  This is the right size.  I know it is.  Right?

I took it off and double checked the size label.  Yep, it is what I ordered.

I put it back on...and felt the beginning of tears.

How idiotic!  I am NOT going to cry over a stupid sweatshirt!  GET IT TOGETHER!

I looked at my clock.  I needed to leave, it was time for my appointment.  I left the sweatshirt on and left the house. 

It felt funny when I was driving.  Kept twisting.  Annoyed. I am trying to ignore it.  I went about my business, saw the doctor, came home walked into the house and ripped the sweatshirt off. John had not yet left for work so I asked him to please come over and try the sweatshirt on for me - I needed to see it on another person. 

He gave me one of those looks, "you want me to try on GIRL CLOTHES?"  I had to explain to him that this was a 'uni-sex" sweatshirt.  He relented with his manhood firmly intact. 

When he slipped it on I could see the problem.  One arm is larger than the other.  The fronts are two different sizes. 

My sweatshirt is retarded. 

Meh, meh....MEH! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wool on the Move

Baa Baa little sheep,
have you any wool? 

Yes sir, yes sir,
three bags full.

One for the spinners

One for my dame

And one for the little dog 

Who's stuck to my behind... 

Okay, that was lame.  

Lame is a word that rhymes with Dame!  

I apologize.  Late night blogging and Bailey's Irish Cream result in bad  


What was I saying?  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fat Puppy

Do you have any food? 

I need to eat.

I am so hungry I gotta eat some of this...

Staaaahving, I tell you.  Must eat now.  

DD says I am 'highly food motivated'...bullocks....I am just HUNGRY! 

They call me Tank, Sherman Tank.  I don't understand why. 

Gimme some food.  I know you have some...lemme me check.  Food Please?  

She won't feed me no more.  Please some one feed me? 

I am wasting away here... Food Please?

The preceding fat puppy moment was brought to you by Orchard Run Border Collies (Peg x Fame) and photographed at the Sleddin' & Sheddin' trial 10 Dec 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking to the Future

It is done, I actually left Bea at Dianne's. 

She is looking at her future

And I miss her smiling face and mammoth ears terribly. 

Can't wait to see her again and hear the updates from Dianne.  Who I promise I will not text or email again for at least a week.  She told me I had exceeded my weekly question/answer time.  I think I would feel the same way if I received a 102 texts from a person in the course of 24 hours. 

Me, a bit obsessive?  Nah...never. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Off to Idaho

Here is an ear worm for you.  Go ahead, hum the melody to Rawhide. 

Keep walkin' walkin' walkin,
Though the dogs are whinin'
Keep the sheepies runnin' 
Trial time!
Tryin' to understand 'em
Just hope and pray and send 'em
Soon we'll be drinkin lots at 
Beer Time!
Boy my heart's a thumpin'
Some day a score is comin', be numbers, not letters
Trial TIME!

Pack it up, load em up.
Load it up, drive 'em out
Trial fees emptyin' my wallet, 
Trial TIME!
Set 'em out, send the dog
Start prayin, let it go
Humiliation waitin, 
Trial TIME!

Yes, it is that time again.  Time to go to the post, freeze my overly large rear end, shake in my boots and beg to be humiliated in my favorite activity which is guaran-damn-teed to bring about an anxiety attack - sheep dog trial.

Instead of packing my clean clothes into the suitcase with the busted zipper, I am sitting in front of my computer writing stupid lyrics.  

I have a list in front of me yet I drag my feet.  

Apparently I enjoy driving across three states bleary eyed and tired.  

Oh hell..I don't know.  I am the worlds worst procrastinator.  

And I am already missing the Beaster.  

 She is going to sheep camp at Dianne Deal's

She is going to learn all kinds of cool things, hang with the cool kids, get drunk, smoke know how it is at boarding school.
Okay, not really.  She is going to learn how to work sheep. Like a real big dog.

Like how to stay off sheep butts.  You know, those lessons on Cause & Effect.

So things like this don't happen as much.  

Yep, that is what happens when sheep suddenly change directions.  

Tail gating is discouraged.  

My job over the past couple months was to get Bea hooked on sheep. 

Making sure ever encounter she had with sheep was positive and fun.

I don't know if she is enjoying herself.  What do you think? 

Did I mention how FAST she is?

She loves to make a mess and then fix it by busting into warp drive as she sails across the field.  

She is soft and biddable.  A joy to work...but scary to train.  Bea is the type of dog, if you make a harsh correction at the wrong time, it will take a while to fix it.  I am glad Dianne will start her and get a good foundation on her - that much less of a chance I will screw her up when she comes home.

I am going to miss her happy smiling little face.  

Such a happy camper she has been. 

My little Bea-tle Bug has grown up.

They grow up so fast.  Maybe that means it is time for another puppy?  

"You bring home another puppy and I will crap on your pillow"

Good lord Beth, it is just a puppy...not a teenager.  Jeeeesh.