Friday, October 29, 2010

Photoshoot - Poodles & Raw Diet

Meet Casper! 

And Bo

When this tiny little girl was adopted...her name was Rambo.  It suits her ....uhhhh NOT!  

She is a very loving, & sweet 16 y/o teacup poodle.  

She is a tiny little ball of love.  

Unfortunately Bo is blind. 

Her eyes have grown cloudy over the years, as you can see in this straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot (un-retouched / unprocessed) 

I wanted to give her 'mom' a glimpse of the younger Bo.  So I did some very simple edits (burning) and removed the cloudiness from her eyes.  It is amazing what you can do with a digital image & turn back time.  A few times as I used the 'burning' tool...and watched the grey fade away, her original eye color began to emerge. 

This is her companion Casper.  Casper is much younger than Bo.  

She was busy, busy, busy!  

And ohhhh so tiny! 

Casper's 'mom'  & the vet have been battling a severe skin condition in Casper.  They have tried switching foods, multiple times.  The vet prescribed creams, medications and insisted they feed her a 'science diet' specific for skin allergies.  

Whenever 'mom' would bring up the possibility of a food allergy...the vet said it was not possible,  since they were feeding her the special 'science diet' he prescribed.  The vet kept charging her money to treat the skin issues and at the same time charged her outrageous amounts of money for the special food. 

Below is another SOOC shot of Casper's red inflamed skin.  

Casper's skin is bright red under her short fur.  She has been miserable and her 'mom's heart has been breaking from worry.  

I was able to disguise most of that redness with some texture overlay's, tints and desaturating color. 

Before this photo shoot her mom had started doing research on her own and made a few discoveries about commercially prepared dog food.   She finally threw in the towel and switched both the girls to a completely raw diet two weeks ago.  She wanted total control over what Casper was eating.  
No preservatives, additives, grains...

When I talked to her Mom today...guess what?  

The rash is almost GONE!  

Her energy level has increased & the scratching has stopped!

It is going to be a bit of a challenge for her mom, since Casper is diabetic too.  But she is fully committed to the raw diet now, especially after the changes she has seen in only a couple of weeks.  

Hopefully this bright red, inflamed, painful, burning, weeping, scratchy rash is gone for good....

Instead she will look like this...without the editing.  

She is just toooooo damn cute for anything else.  


Agnes B Bullock said...

Congratulations!!!! I swithced my dachsies to Nature's Instinct Variety kibble, Wellness grain free kibble and the raw (frozen at the store) vension chunks) because of weight issues my eldest dachshund had. My other male, Chip, was on the science diet c/d diet which they all hated and we got from the vet. NOW ther are NO PROBLEMS at all- even my only female, Ginger inhales her kibble and she loathes dog food of any kind! I can't keep green beans and baby carrots in the house!

Ann said...

Carolynn, that's so great for the dogs! The diabetes is going to be much better, without all the grains in the kibble! Good for her! Great photos, as always!

food for thought said...

you are an artist at this... wonderful to watch the years and hurt and pain wash away with your magic too~

Jen said...

Love it!! As a raw feeder myself, it has done amzing things for my dogs. No more yeast infections, no more dry flakey lab skin.... so good!!

Gorgeous pics! Thank you, from a long time lurker

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

The Thundering Herd said...

While we are not a raw feeder (yet), we have learned over the years how important it is to use a very high quality, low preservative, low grain food. Amazing how many issues can be cleared up simply by moving to better foods - for canines and humans.

RYKER said...

Your photos are just amazing. I bet they made their mama cry.
Science diet is a poor quality food and I am surprised at the number of Vets that know so little about dog and cat nutrition.
Ann is so right about the grain in the kibble making the blood sugars spike. We feed grain free, high quality, low processed, no preservative foods and some raw as well. Have seen much improvements with a good healthy diet. Most commercial dog/cat foods are just like junk food for people, garbage.
~Sandy and Ryker

Erin O said...

We used to call it Science Diein'

Devoted raw feeder for many years. I find even "high" quality kibbles are no match for the power of raw.

Erin O said...

We used to call it Science Diein'

Devoted raw feeder for many years. I find even "high" quality kibbles are no match for the power of raw.