Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion Intervention

We love you Camera Face.  But we need to talk. 

We realize since you  have been unemployed for a long time that you have let standards slip a wee bit. 

We don't mind if you want to skip a day showering, or not comb your hair for two days.   Really who will notice? 

We love you, even if you wear your pajamas all day long.  Comfort is important. 

So you have gained weight, and let your hair go back to its natural state of gray.  That is okay. 

We love gray hair and we think you smell good even if you don't shower for a week.  Why would anyone want to get in that horrible bathtub every day anyway? 


But we need to draw the line somewhere...because we love you. 

There is a reason why Brynn growls at your feet when you walk around today. 

 This is a fashion intervention. 

 Look at your feet and ask yourself a question....

Are those really necessary?

They have got to go. 

Give them to us!  NOW! 

We will not stand back and watch you spiral into this pit of fashion disaster! 

Dont ever wear those horrible slippers again - or next time it is your foot. 

Thank you for listening. 


Pat A said...

Oh my, those last pix sure bring back memories of when I was fostering that litter. Our current foster also has a thing for my white flipflops leaving my heels unprotected.

Lean said...

hihihihhi this is fun lovely story,but i love the sloffen[dutch]

forensicfarmgirl said...

Ohmygosh! That was hysterical! I LOVE those slippers! You GO GIRL!

Debra Kay said...

Nope-sorry,I like the slippers.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Yup the pups said it all. :)

Can't stop laughing. Hee hee ha ha. Oh my tum tum hurts BOL

Seriously, bye bye pink puff slippies.

Thinkin if I see those again, a road trip will be necessary ;)

julie said...

ROFL! :)