Sunday, February 28, 2010

Myst The Blog Hijacker

I am the cutest puppy!

Aunty Carolynn is in Idaho visiting her Brynn while she is in sheep dog training.  One day I am going to work sheep too!  My mom hopes so!

Me and my big sister Bug

One more picture for you, my mom must go to work and tomorrow she will take me with my big brothers and sisters while they work sheep so I can see what I might do one day.

I hope Aunty Carolynn is not mad at me for taking over her blog for a day!  Once she meets me I am sure she will forgive me, who can resist a cute face like mine!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Tennis Ball Effect

Tennis Balls = BAD

Non Abrasive Balls = GOOD

Broken Teeth & Extractions = $UCK 

Beth: SAD

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If You Had One Hundred Sheep...

We all know that Ranger rides the sheepherding short bus.  He didn't get the herding 'instinct' gene.  Instead he got a big dose of the lesser known Doofus gene.  I continue to hope that the light-bulb, however dim...may turn on...

It ain't gonna happen!  Ranger's lightbulb has a factory defect. 

Below is a photographic series of Ranger's last experience on sheep.  Most of these pictures are straight out of the camera, only a few have been cropped and edited a bit.  I am shooting everything on manual - which means I am still struggling with over exposing things and getting the right balance between my shutter speeds and aperture.  *sigh*  

Ranger stays where you put him - because he has no clue what you want him to do.  It is sad. 

At first it looks like there might be something going on between the pointy ears.

WEEE!  Lets chase sheep!

What you can't hear is the WOOF!

Then he gets one separated, and focuses on it.  I think they call that HUNTING, not herding. 

Hey are supposed to be on the other side of that ewe.  Not keeping her from getting back to the rest of the flock.

Ranger might make a good cutting horse in his next life.

Lets try this again...

Oh no...he is doing it again.  Cutting one off and chasing it.

Now he is bumping up against her.  Keeping her from getting back to the others. 

I think that may be the fattest ewe I have ever seen. 

Ranger has no clue, he is just following them.

 What I am ashamed to admit is that he is trying to smell their butts.  Yep, got a good wiff that time. 

Here we go again...tries to separate one off

Dude you are totally missing the objective, but he does look cute.

Wrong way he crashes into their butts. 

I can always look at the pictures and pretend...

Fantasize about the great sheep dog Ranger used to be...

Prior to his brain injury

The one he got from rear ending a sheep

It was horrible...we had to pop his head out.  Lack of oxygen caused brain cell death.

Ahh the artificial memories can make me smile in my old age.

If you had one hundred sheep, and one of the strayed...

...too bad Ranger couldn't help you out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Firehydrant Freakout

My memory is failing me.  I guess it is a casualty of getting older, or it could be stupidity.  Nevertheless I prefer to blame it on advancing years.

The other day I was making a protein shake.  I accidentally overfilled the 'shaker cup' and didn't have room in the cup to adequately shake the mixture.  To remedy this I poured half of it into a glass, then screwed the lid back on.  I was distracted wiping up the dribbles on the counter, picked up the glass then started shaking it.

Suddenly I was covered with cold chocolate goo.  It was in my hair, my eyes, my nose. It was dripping off the ceiling onto my head. Dismayed I wiped my face with a towel.

What just happened?

Instead of picking up the 'shaker cup' with lid...I picked up the glass with the overflow - violently shaking that instead.

Is that old age?  Or stupidity?  See why I prefer to blame old age?

Keeping with this theme.. I do have a point to this story, eventually.  I have two memory cards for my new camera (ironic they are called MEMORY cards eh?).  Lo and behold I found that I had not downloaded a ton of pictures from our trip to Idaho last month.

While sorting through them all I found the fire-hydrant freak-out.

Early one morning at the hotel I let the dogs run in the field next door.  Apparently they have plans to further develop this land, obvious from the fire hydrants spaced evenly throughout.

They were happily running and playing in the same field they had been in for two days.  Suddenly Brynn and Bonnie screeched to a halt and burst out in a flurry of bark screams.  Perhaps the sunlight struck the fire hydrant in a odd manner? 

"ALERT ALERT! Dangerous creature ahead!"

"Oh my doG...WHAT IS THAT?" 


"Must bark at it or it will ATTACK!"   (Notice the hair on Brynn's back - it is raised on her neck and tush)


"Must run at it barking....scare it away!"


"Bonnie GET BACK!!"

"Bonnie - get away!   IT WILL EAT YOU!"

"Nah, smells good"


"Oh MY DOG, Brynn there is ANOTHER ONE, BEHIND US!"

And it started all over again.  Finally I was able to get Brynn to sniff it

She didn't like it.  But she calmed down. 

Mom, throw the ball, kay?

Must be nice to be a dog.  You can freak out or do silly things...then forget about it and play.

I wonder if I stuffed a tennis ball in my mouth I would feel better about my future senility?

Where are the tennis balls...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brynn Videos

Two posts in one day?  Wow, I must be setting a record.  It has been a struggle lately to put up two posts in a week - let alone a day.  But I had something I just had to share.

My friend Ellie  has been sending me pictures of Brynn each time she goes out to Dianne's.  Here is one she shot last week of my little monkey in her kennel.

These pictures are a lifeline of sorts for me.  I can't thank her enough for doing this. THANK YOU ELLIE! You rock!

Today Ellie shot some video of Brynn today with her iPhone. The quality is what you would expect from a phone, but so much better than just my imagination!  I am just so tickled pink she took these I could hug her! 

Brynn and Dianne are very very small...but if you squint you can get the idea.  Dianne is doing a little bit of everything with her.  Driving, calling her in on outruns (getting her to walk into the pressure to push the sheep away from Dianne), and pushing her out on flanks. 

I can't wait to see her on the 26th. 

Ranger for President!

In honor of Presidents Day - Ranger puts on his best campaign face!

He promises meaty treats, a grain free raw diet for all dogs, and sheep in every back yard.

We Interrupt This Post for an Announcement:  Please forgive the stupidity of this post.  I wanted to show off this picture. Antique quilt and a border collie just screams presidential don't you think?

Okay....I am going to get off the computer now and pretend like I have a life. 

Happy President's Day!