Saturday, October 16, 2010

Border Collie Mind Reading

Did you know that Border Collies argue like children?  

I submit the following transcript into evidence...

"Aaaaaggggghhhhhh, why did you throw the ball this far out?  Are you trying to drown me?"

"You are lucky I got out.  I could have been sucked under and eaten by a evil salmon."

"I am ignoring you.  I don't like you anymore. You don't exist." 

"What is that?  A bird?  On the water?  Did you see that too?"

"I am not coming back till you cant make me, you cant make me!"

"I will come back if you throw the ball....MY TURN!"

"Ha ha, so you think you are funny?  Faking us out by pretending to throw the ball?"

"Stop messing with us!  If you don't stop it I wont play with you anymore!"

"Ready...already!!  THROW THE BALL!"

"GOT IT!  My turn!  My TURN!" 

"WEEEEEE!  We got it FIRST!  Last one to the ball is a rotten EGG!"

"Ha Ha YOU ARE SLOW!  See ya! See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!" 

"Quit following me Bonnie Brat!"

"Make her stop copying me!  She is walking like me now!"

"If she keeps following me I am going to....well, I am going to do something REALLY BAD!" 

"I am the King of the ball." 

"Beth you can be the Queen.  I am bigger and more handsome, so I am the King.  
Bonnie is the slave dog and Brynn is, well what is Brynn?  She can be the cook."

 "I am NOT a slave, McFly!" 

 "Take your slave idea and shove it.  I am the PRINCESS!!!" 

"A Cook?  You said I can be the COOK?" 

"This is what I think about your idea".  

" Ranger is an idiot.  Someone cooked his brains"

"Ha ha ha  Brynn's a cook, Brynn's a cook, Brynn's a cook!" 

"Yeah, he is a King....he is sofa-KING-we-todd-did."

"Whats a Sofa King?  Never'mind!  Gotta shake."

"Auuugh!  Water in my ears!" 

"Gotta get the water out of my ears, I can hear it rattling around!" 

"Whoooooaaaaaaa, I am dizzy." 

"Hi Camera Face!  Want some water on your camera?" 

"I 'm the King, I'm the King, I'm the King! "

"Ranger, where is the ball?" 

"What ball?" 

"I am the Sofa King of Wetoddid. I don't play with stupid balls."

Wait a minute.....Sofaking we todd did.  If I say that really fast it is....OHHHHHHHH!

"I'm sooooo gonna tell on her.  She will be in so much T.R.O.U.B.L.E!" 


Monique said...

You crack me up. Great action shots!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

What wonderful photos! Love the one with Ranger sulking in the golden water the best... but I do love thme all!

food for thought said...

your photography is fantastic, and i love the golden light that pops in here and there too~ gorgeous dog family~

Arwen said...

I love the way that wet waggy tails leave trails of droplets in the air!

Pat A said...

Great story line and fab pix. I love the one of Beth who is not a slave. If you wanted that expression, you could not get it is years. It is a one of a kind shot.

Lean said...

wauw this is splashing cool.