Friday, October 15, 2010

Naptime for Ranger

Shhhhhh.....Ranger is napping.  Lets not to make any noises to disturb him.  

I see he pulled the quilt onto the floor again. He likes to do that.  Often I find him under a blanket laying on the floor with a pillow.  When he sleeps on my bed he will put his head on my pillow...just like a human.  

Oops, sorry Ranger.  I didnt mean to wake you.  I am just practicing with my 50mm lens, shallow depth of field, low shutter speed and manual focus.  Do you mind if I shoot some pictures of you?  

"Why ask me, Camera Face.  Seriously, do I have any choice in the matter? 
We all know the answer to that question hmmmmm?"

Well, you do have a point Ranger.  There are two big ones on the top of your head - oh, sorry those are ears.

"I am sure some where in your itty-bitty little world, you are under the impression you are humorous?"

Oh come on, how could I pass up this opportunity?  
Ranger cuddled up on the floor with a quilt and NOT photograph it?  
My head would explode and make a mess.  Not pretty.

What self respecting Camera Face would let that pass by undocumented? 

"Of course, that would be toooooo much to ask."

Ranger, are you being facetious?  

"Who me?"

"I am a dog.  I eat, sleep and play.  I do not talk, neither am I capable of being facetious.  You, Camera Face have an overly active imagination.  Now, leave me alone and let me sleep.  


Lean said...

ssssttttt me sleeping!!!!

Pat A said...

Sleep tight Ranger.

forensicfarmgirl said...

That dog is nothing short of adorable!

RYKER said...

We are glad that Camera Face can't resist!

Lynn said...

The most handsome dog on the planet!