Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Stuff

I have not died, nor have I been sucked into a black hole.  I would say I have been busy.  But that is only partly the truth. 

I am having issues. 

Today I was experiencing the day in a series of WTF's at a rate of 5 per  minute.  This morning I found a pair of shoes in the freezer.  Why were there shoes in the freezer?  Did I put them there?  What possible purpose does it serve to have shoes in the freezer? 

This weekend my mother came to visit and she attended the Vashon Island Sheepdog Trial with me on Friday & my daughter's baby shower on Saturday. 

I refuse to discuss the baby shower.  I am still traumatized.  

So, I will tell you about the trial.  Beth did well.  She placed second on the first run after a crazy lower fetch that went wildly offline (handler error) - but she recovered from my ineptitude.  Then she placed 3rd in the second run - with the same issues on the fetch.  I need to work on a few things with my depth perception (get new glasses) and remembering which way is COUNTER clockwise (wrong way around the post).  

Brynn exceeded my expectations & the issues we have been having on the fetch (not taking flanks) seem to be working out nicely.  I retired her first run when the tough range ewes ran back for the set out pens.  I was expecting to run 200 yards up the field, but she still managed to get behind them and bring them to me after a brief struggle at the top (cross over) & even made her fetch panels (took all the flanks on the fetch. YEAH!)   Her second run we ended with a score of 41.  She made her fetch panels again, then blew the sheep right past me and through the drive panels - right over the hill and out of sight.  Eventually they came back and she brought them back through the drive panels and wild-n-crazy circles all the way to the pen.   Alas we got a wee bit mixed up after that and the drive was crazy (my fault) but we finished on a good note & retired at the pen just like everyone else did.  

I was very happy with my dogs.  Their handler needs some work though.  Must be her frozen shoes. 

Beth has been enjoying her winnings. 

Another wonderful thing happened this afternoon.  I spent the entire morning discouraged.  Worried about my unemployed status, the kids, world peace & the gum stuck to the bottom of the toilet seat. 

Then I saw this. 

The Pioneer Woman - YOUR Favorite Photos:  Group 5

I submitted one photo for consideration on Saturday evening.  My favorite photo of Brynn...evah! 

Ree chose it for Group 5. 

*insert happy dancing hamster here*  

Brynn gets to make more people smile!  YEAH! 

Somethings just make you wet your pants with happiness.  Time to go change my undies now...and take the shoes out of the freezer. 

Brynn says "Smile!"  Have a happy Tuesday! 


Karen said...

Congrats on the photo!!
I saw it on PW earlier, and was going to leave you a comment.
Exciting to see a photo there from someone you 'know':)

Arwen said...

I just saw it there and squeed :-) I love that photo. She has just a great ZOMG BUBBLES!!! expression :-)

Emma Rose said...

Congrats all around! That picture is also one of my all time favorites of Brynn. The joy in her face is contagious :)

forensicfarmgirl said...

Awesome!!!! I love Ree's site and her photo contests never fail to inspire me to up my game! I'm tickled to death that one of yours was chosen! You GO GIRL!!!