Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rollin' Ranger

Remember the television series 'RAWHIDE'? 
The theme song is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for at least a week if not more. 

Every time I see Ranger throw himself on the ground and start wigglin' and rollin' around...
that song comes to mind. 

Please forgive my taking liberties with the lyrics.   I am powerless to resist. 

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Keep a movin' movin' movin
Keep that doggie rollin' 

Dont try to understand 'em
Just watch and laugh and pet 'em

Rollin' on, wigglin' up
Wigglin' up, rollin' out
Rollin' out, wigglin' up

Throw the ball, see him run
See him run, throw the ball
Watch him drop, rollin' in...

He is nuts, yes he is
Yes he is, fully nuts
Certified, yes he is...

Rollin', rollin', rollin  
Rollin', rollin', rollin  
Rollin', rollin', rollin  
Rollin', rollin', rollin 

"Ahhh that felt good!"

"Whaaaaaaaat? "

"Why you lookin' at me like that?"

"Accckkkk!  That tastes funny!"

"Did you throw the ball?"

"Ball ball ball!"

 "I got the ball!  I got the ball! I am so happy I am

rollin' rollin' rollin'...


Do all dogs immediately toss themselves on the ground after catching a ball? 

Or is Ranger just special? 

Ne'er mind...don't answer that.  


Veronica Lodge said...

I know that song so well I don't even have to play the video. I can't get over how much your dog reminds me of mine. Love the pics :)

Anonymous said...

I think Ranger is pretty special. Or specially pretty - you decide. And - lovely though your photograph are - what that little trick really demands is video. :D

food for thought said...

such great shots, seeing your dog roll reminds me of my last dog, he used to back surf upside down on our steep hill for 100's of feet, he would dive of the retaining wall everday and dissapear in the grass and resuface at the bottom of the hill :)

you capture joy perfectly~

Lynn said...

I love Ranger. Just sayin'...