Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The puppies were born! *insert happy dance here*!

They are a few days old now and we won't be getting any pictures for at least another week. Dianne prefers to leave Mama Bett alone for at least a week to let Mother Nature do her thing. Bett is an excellent mom and there is no reason to stress her or the puppies for pictures.

I shot this picture of Bett when I was taking care of the dogs at Dianne's this summer. I let her nap on the bed with me since she was newly pregnant - she deserved some pampering.

This is the puppy daddy - 2010 National Champions Riggs with his very talented handler Patrick Shannahan.   (Dianne and Patrick co-own Riggs). 

There are 6 pups total. 5 females and one male. Dianne is planning on keeping the male and a female from the litter. That means we are getting a FEMALE!  She said they are all healthy, beautifully marked and growing like weeds. 

I am so happy!

The naming polls have been adding votes daily. I am going to pull the 'male name' poll since it is no longer applicable.

In the event you are interested in the final results of the Male Names voting, the stats are below.

Name               Percent
Rhett                 34.13%
Beau (Bo)         34.13%
Brick                 9.62%
Other answer... 9.13%
Boew (Boo)      6.25%
Bean                 4.33%
Bill                    2.4%

Other names suggested: Buck, Bling, Blade, Rocky, Teddy, Ben, Brody, Bairn, Beck, Rhye, Boss, Briggs, Rick, Brock, Bigg, Blitz & Bart.

Of all the suggestions, Bairn was my favorite, followed by Bigg, Brock, Ben, Blade, Boss, Rick, Rhye, Bart, Blade, Rocky, Teddy, Buck & Blitz...awww heck I liked all of them.

Now, where do we stand with the girl name voting?

Name               Percent
Bliss                 36.49%
Bea                  31.75%
Brea                10.43%
Belle                 8.53%
Other answer... 6.64%
Britt                  6.16%

Other Names Suggested: Brite, Billie, Tessa, Cassie, Blaize, Bean, Buff, Briar, Brylee.

Thank you to everyone for your votes! Keep em coming!


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Oh wow! My name's there! Tessa! Woo! Love that name! If you don't use it, I certainly will... sometime...

What are you going to call your blog now? How about "BCxFour... and one more"?

BCxFour said...

I am thinking "BCxFour & Ranger"...since Ranger is in a class unto himself.

BCxFour said...

But know..."BCxFour & one More" rhymes quite nicely! I rather like that!