Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mojo & Trooper

Hello, my name is Mojo and I am a border collie.  I live with Bob and Jane.  Last week we were invited to help Ronnie Smith worm his flock.  Bob said he would be happy to help as long as he got home in time for the football game.   I was able to facilitate his return home quickly and efficiently.  

Because I am...Mojo.  I am my name.  I have sheep Mojo.  I just look at those silly sheep and they feel my Mojo.  

Definition of Mojo:  Noun
1. Self-confidence, self-assuredness.  As an basis for believe in ones self in a situation.  Esp. I context of contest or display of skill such as magical ability to move sheep with eye, presence or very existence. 
2. Good luck dog / charm to bolster confidence on trial field.
3. ability to bounce back from unruly sheep, surly rams, and stupid lambs. 

Mojo is as Mojo does

Sheep obey me

They have no choice....

I just work my Mojo and they go where I want.  

Because I am that good...

If they don't obey... I have my is a multi-level offensive.  
First I show them the ultimate sign of disrespect.  
The tongue.  

If they still show me attitude, I step it up a notch and let them know I am not messing around.  

"What did you say ...stupid sheep?"  

"Oh NO!  You did NOT just say that!"

"Think again, Wool Brain!"  

"Now who is laughing!  HA!!!!"

Stupid sheep respect my teeth & my Mojo. 

Younger dogs respect my experience.  

I am able to keep things controlled while a younger dog gains the confidence to move sheep like these. 

I am Mojo.  

Trooper was my right hand man that day.  

Trooper likes to shove himself between the sheep and the fence. He does a good job.  

I like to shove myself between the sheep and the fence too.  

He can really get them moving...Like me.

He is a good dog too.  

He loves Bob and will do anything for me.  

You can see the love in his eyes when he looks at Bob.  

He doesn't put up with any crap from the stupid wool butts either.  

He has teeth too.  

He just let me fight more of the battles that day.  Smart boy. 

He has that handsome thing going on...

We were the only team that was able to move the grouchy rams back and forth from their pasture after they were marked with red paint and wormed.  

We are a good team.  All of us. 

Bob is da' Man. 

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Kathy said...

Love this set of pictures and captions too!!