Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pig Pen

I wanted to know why Bea was getting so stinking dirty every time I let her outside.  So I sat by the window with my nice long lens and waited. 

I knew she had been digging holes, but the real purpose behind her hole digging has been revealed...

Oh no...

What is she looking for?

Whatever it is, she has found it. 

Is that a WORM hanging out of her mouth? 

Ack....gag!  Eewwwwwww!

That explains the strange 'earthy' breath.  

Puppy attention span. 

What a little PIG PEN!

BATH TIME!  Someone is not pleased. 

Such a pathetic soggy puppy.  Life is so hard.

Are we done yet? 


"Don't ever do that again."

Whatever worm breath....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Headers/Banners and Blogger Design

As I am sure you noticed, I changed the design of this blog yet again.  This time I DID IT.  I did not hire someone, I have taught myself the code & have figured out how to build, edit and modify my own template.

Among other things, I changed the background color to something lighter, and lightened up the blue wall paper on the sides - giving it more of a casual 'denim' feel.  I think the white allows for the photos to 'pop' better and gives the blog a lighter, airy feeling. 

To top off the revised feel, I designed a new post divider.  The border collie in the divider is actually Dianne Deal's dog Fame from a photograph I shot of him last year at the Fire Ridge SDT. 

Dianne's Fame

Please tell me if you see anything funky on the blog.  I changed the font too.  Is this easy to read?  Or difficult?  Because my monitor is the size of the moon (27") it is hard for me to tell if the font is too small?  Can you read it okay?

In the process of learning this I found a new hobby designing website & blog headers/banners.   If you have followed the transitions in my Look Back Photography site you will notice how many times the header has changed.  Mostly because I cannot leave it well enough alone.

The first header/banner - it took me a while but I learned to hate the is also too dark and well....bleh

This one was too big, thick and ...well, boring. 

After a few versions of this one I settled on a design I liked, for the time being.

You can view my site at

All of the behind the scenes coding on my photography website is done by my web guru JR Customization - but the design of the individual elements is all mine.  If it looks like crap point the finger my direction.  I have been playing with the graphic for the gallery page too.

It started out like this - too busy. What the heck was I thinking with all the frilly crap?

Then I decided to drop any hint of wedding photography from my portfolio. Still too busy.

I still didn't like it until it evolved to the final version - which I am going to change eventually.  Because that is just the way I am...

Then there is this blog.  As you know this is the final header I designed for this site.  I wanted it to be cohesive in feel with my photography site & photography blog giving a seamless transition between the three. 

I even considered going with a red/neutral brown theme.  Ewwww yuck, huh?

You probably remember these headers...back when Brynn was still a pup and Bonnie was thin?

Then I had to add Bea to the picture.  So the design frenzy started.  This one was TOOOO dark and the + 1 More looks like it is melting over Bea's picture.

Then I had this one up for a couple of weeks - till I decided it was too dark and oppressive.

A simple snow/winter version - because I was frustrated. 

Anyone remember this one?

There have been others over the years - because I am unable to leave anything alone.  I must tinker with it, adjust it...mess it up then fix it again and again. 

Here is the header I made for Bea's blog.  Come to think of it, I need to change this one too.  It needs to be updated with current pictures & make it brighter with more colors.

Today I redesigned my friend Jaenne's blog.  I made her a header from photos I shot of her dogs during trips to Idaho and a couple pictures she snapped of her new puppy Red Top Zane.

I came up with a couple versions for her to choose from.  Mind you, she told me her favorite colors were blue, purple & orange.  So, what do I come up with?  Green.  In my defense I had to work with the pictures that were available - there was no way to make blue, purple or orange work with these shots.  Unless I made the photography b & w and just went with colorful fonts. 

1st version  is simple

2nd version - a little more detail (pictures)

3rd version - different background shot of Mo & brighter colors (this one is my favorite)

Then I changed up the colors again adding a reddish brown and putting in a picture of Jaenne' just for grins & giggles, finally giving a different feel to the fonts.

I ended up using the second one and redesigned her entire blog to reflect the new look and name.

Check it out  ~ Rockin' Ewe Stockdogs ~ (formerly Kip & Mo & Molicious BC)

My next project is a new website for Dianne Deal.  I can't wait to show you what we are working on...coming soon.  

Would you like to have a new banner or blog header designed using your photos?  Are you interested in going beyond the templates Blogger offers?  If you would be interested in helping this STILL UNEMPLOYED sheepdog nut fund her summer trial season and feed the dogs please think of me for your blog design, header or website banner designs. 

  • Custom Blog Header $50.00 (4 designs to choose from)
  • Both Blog Header & Blogger Redesign $75.00
  • The Big Package: Photography session with you & your dogs, disk of 20 processed images, blog header and blog redesign $300.00

Happily accepting Paypal, sides of beef, bulk raw meats, gas cards, and/or canon camera gear in lieu of payment. (just kidding...sorta :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love this Dog

She can be so serious.

Thoroughly dedicated to her work.

A steadfast partner & dear companion

But when she plays, she really knows how to cut loose.

A consummate jubilant goofball.

Kicking up her heels

Percolating infinite delight

Scattering seeds of joy in her wake

Until it is time to go back to work...then she is all business again. 

No matter what the day brings, she dives in with four paws ready for the challenge.  She licks my cheek when I need some comfort.  Leans against me when I need a hug.  Stands by my side every day...

We can learn from our dogs, if you listen with your heart. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Border Collie?

Sometimes Ranger looks like a real border collie, stalking the movement of the chuck-it, as John picks up the ball. 

He anticipates the throw..



Focused on a singular objective

Mission: retrieve the ball

Mission accomplished.

Hindered by a pesky Bonnie at his heels. 

Stars are often persued by puparazzi

It is hard to live life in a spot light. 

"Ranger doesn't live in a spot light."

"Ranger lives in a vacuum."

"A huge sucking vortex left behind when his brain imploded!"

Awww, Bonnie....Ranger has a brain.  He is just special

We love him no matter what bus he rides...or what he rolls in.

Gorgeous, but not too huggable.