Friday, October 8, 2010

Name the Puppy!

Lets face it.  My name picker is broken.   

When I adopted Ranger,  his name was...Ranger.
When I adopted Beth,  her name was...Beth.
When I adopted Bonnie, her name was...SURPRISE...Bonnie
When I adopted Brynn, her litter-mate's name was I stole it. 

Are we seeing a pattern here?

So, here is your chance.  Help me name the puppy!

Of course, whatever name we come up with may change once I meet the furry little monster.  But, with your help I can narrow it down.

I would prefer to keep with the 'B' theme for a female.  I don't know why?  But I can try to rationalize it.  Let's see...  Girls can be B's.  My girls are B-girls.  B-girls should be proud of being a 'B'.  I am a 'B'.  At least my husband says so, under his breath when he thinks I can't hear him.

I have narrowed it down to the names listed on the side bar.  One poll for Female names.  One poll for Male names.

Behold, my naming imagination sucks.

I chose the one and only 'R' name (Rhett) as a combination between the puppy's mama (Bett) and the papa (Riggs).   In case you are living under a rock somewhere and didn't already know this....Patrick Shannahan and Riggs are the 2010 USBCHA National Champions.   *insert manic cheer here*

I decided I wanted a Bett/Riggs puppy BEFORE Riggs won the nationals.  His winning is only a very special added bonus.  I was drawn to this breeding for temperament reasons, beyond the obvious working talent reasons. I adore my friend Cindy's dog Briggs (from this same breeding) and the other dogs from this breeding,

I digress...lets get back to the name game!  My favorite names for the puppy are in the polls.  Please write in any suggestions you can think of.  I would PREFER a single syllable name that does not sound like Beth or Brynn (such as Bess or Ben).  Please suggest anything you can think of and VOTE! 

And before you ask...I like the names BO and BOO.  I just spelled them Beau for BO and Boew for BOO just to be creative.  Please don't point and laugh.  :)  Told namer is broken.


Anonymous said...

I just have to say... Two of the 'girl' names lost my vote because they are too close to the shapes of names already in your pack; for my hounds, 'Britt' and 'Brynn' are too close, as are 'Beth' and 'Belle'. Your dogs are definitely smarter than mine, but I prefer them not to have to wait for the end of the word to figure out which one I mean...

Oh - and if it's sad for you to get your thrills vicariously by watching your dogs work, then I must be a lost cause. Because I'm getting them double-vicariously, reading your writing about watching your dogs work, and I still get goosebumps.

The Thundering Herd said...

For all of the effort I put into names, it never seems to be the right name when I finally meet the dog. After all, I originally tried to call Rusty - Boris (as in Boris and Natasha). He came to us as Rojo, but that did not fit either. As we were trying to name him, we kept referring to him as "that rusty colored dog" and he would always respond.

So, sometimes, I think it just takes a while to hear them tell us what their name is.

Jaenne said...

For some reason, while I'm at work, your sidebar is not coming up so I'll have to wait until I get home tonight, ugh! I, personally, wouldn't worry about naming the puppy yet. I knew I wanted to change Kip's name after adopting him (he old name was "Blue"), but it was a week before I decided on Kip. Other choices were: Beau and Tye. Poor Mo didn't have a name for the first two weeks I had her. I wanted to give this untraditional looking BC a traditional BC name. I really wanted to call her Fly, but it just didn't seem to fit. I thought that if I ever ended up with a BettxRiggs puppy, Rett (or Rhett) was also a name the I came up with.

Diane said...

Most of our dogs have been pre-named and we've kept the names, too.
I found some cool names at a website. I think it's
I like Blade- means "wealthy glory" :)
Also, Bam, Boss, Byte, Baigh, Beale, and Bean...and then I stopped looking. Name overload!!

gvmama said...

"I am a 'B'. At least my husband says so, under his breath when he thinks I can't hear him."

Thanks for the LAUGH this morning!

Country Girl said...

Ugh! I can't help you! I think you need to know the dog to have the name fit them. And having just named 7, some of which may get renamed... sigh... I feel your pain!

forensicfarmgirl said...

I change names all the time! I even give them nicknames and they always end up answering to both their given name AND their nickname. Lily was "Kit" for about 24 hours but once I got her home, she was definitely a "Lily."
Her nickname is "Gator" and she answers quite well to that too!

Good luck with the new pup. I'm getting my new BC pup this weekend! His name is Trace!

Anonymous said...

I have a Boss and a Beep here. You can't help but smile when you're calling Beep, Beep, Beep, but beware as people will also like saying your dogs name. Boss is just that... one Bossy b*tch:) I've also like the name Bump for some reason. Good luck!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I know how you feel! Even before I got Ben or Pip, I had those names in my head.

Ellie said...
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Ellie said...

Sorry... had a glaring typo so I deleted my original comment :)

My votes are for Bea or Rhett. To me, they are the most original names on your list... but they still fit the general naming conventions of sheepdogs.

NOT Brick, as that name reminds me of Steve Carell's idiotic character in Anchorman... LOL.

An English Shepherd said...

I like 'Breeze' , can't imagine why ;-)


Jaenne said...

I'm helping handle stock at an AKC herding trial (gasp!) And there is a dog here with a name that I like, Beckam/Beck. Thought I would throw that one out there.

Anonymous said...

Oof, it's a tough one. Country Girl and TTH pretty much nail it for me—any dog name is provisional and subject to change until the pup's personality establishes itself. At least a name is useful for a dog: Naming cats, by contrast, is a completely pointless exercise.

(BTW, I like "Buck" for a boy.)
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food for thought said...

bess sounds like a great farm girl~