Monday, October 11, 2010

Border Collie Races

Welcome everyone, one and all to Broomfield Farms for the weekly running of the the  Baa Ram Ewe Stakes.  

And they are OFF like a dirty shirt.....Briggs leads on the outside, Brill second with teeth showing, Brynn third, Finn & Britt neck and neck in fourth, Ranger is fifth off the lead by a length. 

Finn pulls into the lead, by a neck, Brynn second, Brill third, Briggs is fourth on the outside more interested in the other dogs than the track, Ranger fifth and Britt sixth.  

The race continues nicely with Finn in the lead, Brynn a tight second, Brill third in the middle and Ranger fourth on the outside, followed into stride by Briggs and Britt on the inside as they link up with the course proper. 

Approaching the first turn it is Finn leading by a length, Brynn is second by a nose and close behind on her flank is Ranger in third.  Brill is sandwiched between in fourth.  Britt is three off the lead in fifth.  What happened to Briggs? Hello? 

Finn ahead by 1/2 length and risks it with a daring look to the rear, slowing him down allowing Brynn and Ranger to gain.  Ranger in second, Brynn third, still sandwiched between is Brill in fourth by a neck. Britt trails in fifth.  Briggs was spotted 27 lengths behind rolling in sheep schmutz. 

On the outside, Ranger takes the lead, Finn  surrenders his lead distracted by Briggs, down in the center.  Brynn in a close third and Brill remains locked between them is Brill in fourth. 

Ranger is ahead, Brynn second and Finn third!  

Ranger appears distracted in the lead, Brynn wisely collects her stride, saving her energy.  

Ranger leads unaware of much anything, Brynn in close second.  

Ranger looks behind him at Brynn in second.  Seems concerned at what he sees from the rear.  

Coming from waaaaaaay behind it is BRILL!  Taking the lead from Ranger!  Ranger splits to the inside as the field moves down the back stretch.

The pressure is turned up....Brynn in second, Britt gains to third, Ranger falls to fourth, trailing 10 lengths behind is Finn.  

We have just received word that Brill fell victim to the same problem causing Briggs to drop from the race.  Sheep schmutz is a powerfully addictive lure.    Many an up &  coming racing career was felled by its heady aroma.  

Sad, oh so sad. 

As the field turns for home, Ranger fires up the afterburner and pulls ahead of Brynn second, a 1/2 length ahead of Britt in third. 

As they cross the wire, RANGER WINS IT ALL!  

Britt congratulates Ranger on his win 

Finn runs by Ranger's side as they lope a cool down.  It was a challenging race.  

Ranger wins the Broomfield Farms Stakes, Brynn is second and Britt takes third.  Finn trailed behind the pack for a fourth place finish.  Briggs & Brill were disqualified for leaving the track.  

Ranger celebrates with dunk in the trough, followed by a victory lap!  

I am a winner, winner, winner, winner, winner!  Did I tell you I am a WINNER?  

Brynn wants it on record, she let him win.  

Post Race Interview:  Brynn do you have anything to say to Ranger?   

"Enjoy your victory dance turkey-fart, next time I will take you down."

"Ha, Ha!  Catch me if you CAN!"


The Thundering Herd said...

Way to go Ranger - excellent race. Loved the whole series of pictures.

One Dog, One Camera said...

LOL Love this post! Great pictures, they tell an amazing story! Congrats Ranger!!!

Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

Yea Ranger! You should be proud for not succumbing to the "sheep schmutz"! (I choose to remain a clueless newbie re. sheep schmutz. DO NOT tell me what that is. Thank you.)

RYKER said...

WOW, do you take bets on your races? That was really exciting. Nice come back Ranger, Congratulations!

RYKER said...

Oh, Hey, would you send me some of that Sheep schmutz please?

KPR said...

Ranger told me he wants a short "i" in his name, too, but not a "B" ... no no ... NOT a B. So ... from now on, he wants to be called ... Ringer.

Emma Rose said...

Wonderful! Excellent race Ranger. We loved the whole thing and it was very exciting. Tell your Mom she's a great sports announcer :)

Emma Rose

G. M. said...

I think I busted something trying not to laugh hysterically at this! Tooooo funny! Oh, I wish you could come shoot pictures of when my dogs and my pal, Paula's dogs all run together like that. I take it you're using a motor drive or the like? Love it! :)

Karen said...

I thought Ranger would win, look at the length of his stride!

ros said...

Fantastic photos. Of such beautiful dogs from Angus and Milo

forensicfarmgirl said...

That'z ma boy!!!!

food for thought said...

such gorgeous photos, one helluva race!