Monday, December 8, 2008

"Uber Dog" & Oliver

Yesterday John and Beth were asked to help with 'sheep chores' which included moving the sheep from the upper pastures into the barn for feeding. Beth was on over 100 sheep at once. She calmly & beautifully moved the herd through multiple gates and across fields to the barn. She did this all with a young squirrelly dog (belonging to one of the open handlers) trailing behind her. Sylvia (one of the instructors & farm manager for lack of a better title) called Beth the "Uber Dog".

After a hard day of herding Uber Dog enjoys chillin' in her crib with a chew

Update on Oliver: We received an application to adopt Oliver. The family will be coming to meet him on Friday evening. They sound like nice people on paper and what little I spoke to them on the phone.

Oliver is such a sweet, honest dog. I am excited about the potential home for him - yet on the other hand I am sad. I have guarded my heart to keep from falling in love with Oliver because eventually he was going to be adopted. It is such a bittersweet feeling...hard to put into words.

How can you not love this face?

Ranger doesn't.

Ranger isn't taking this whole "foster" brother thing well. He has been acting like a bit of a spoiled child. I think his rank in the pack was usurped. He has been spending much time in front of the fire - in what appears to be a petulant sulk.

Oliver thinks Ranger is being silly.

Bonnie said that Ranger needs to get over himself - he never was top dog - it has been her all along. The prettiest girls are always the top...


sheepkelpie said...

GREAT shots!

Fenway said...

Give yourself a huge pat for a successful BC foster. Oliver looks absolutely soulful.

Great pics and story...the ones of Ranger moping cracked me up. Anyone who still claims that dogs don't have feelings hasn't met a Border Collie!

Christopher said...

Love the photos.

Darci said...

No worries Ranger.If mom keeps bringing those "other dogs" home, you can come stay with me! I love your double shiners!