Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Dogs! Part Deux

Today we kissed goodbye to the latest round of snow. In memoriam I wanted to share some pics from our last snowy walk. Ranger & Bonnie loved the snow. Beth is very happy it is gone so she can see her ball again. Pa is happy it is gone he can find all the tennis balls that disappeared into drifts.

Bonnie met her new archenemy. She spotted him down the trail...

This is Mr Stump-man. Bonnie did NOT like him much - she said his hair freaked her out. She barked, growled and fussed until we left him behind.

Ranger was so happy to be out playing in the snow again he did a little jig!

Beth jumped with joy too! Okay, she really jumped to catch the flying snow. Check out her mouth. What is that? Any ideas?

A giant bubble maybe?

Remember the game "Where's Waldo?". Here is a new version... "Where's Ranger?"

It was amazing to see all these icicles hanging from the cliff wall. This picture does not do them justice. They were crashing into the river below the entire time we were at the river.

I love the jumping shots. In the absense of a tennis ball (most of them have been lost in the snow) the poor dogs had to settle for flying snow.

Bonnie gave Ranger an earful about the dangers of playing with sticks.

Bonnie thought she saw Mr. Stump-man again.

We like the snow... but grass is so much nicer on the paws.

To see more of this snowy walk please visit this set on our Flickr page. The pictures are not the greatest, the lighting is bad and for some reason most of my snow pictures come out blue. I harbor no illusions that I am a photographer... :-)

More Snow Dogs Dec 2008


Raising Addie said...

Your pictures are just wonderful!

You live in such a beautiful location. I LOVE that picture you have of the icicles. You are a good photographer, you don't give yourself enough credit.

That picture of Beth where you caught her blowing a bubble is amazing!


Emily said...

Great photos, and what a Handsome man that Ranger is! Love the white smoothies :)


Versailles Rose said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog. =)

Our BC/Lab mix has her own version of the Evil Mr. Stumpman. =D The neighbors have a deer statue in their yard. When it gets snow covered, it becomes The Thing That Must Be Stalked. =D =D