Friday, December 5, 2008

Dog Lady Fashion

I have been reading an excellent book...

"Rex and the City" by Lee Harrington. A memoir of a Woman, A Man and a Dysfunctional dog. Rex and the City tells the story of a young, hip city couple whose lives are turned completely upside down when they adopt a shelter dog.

I had to share an excerpt from this book, not only because it made me laugh out loud, but I had to seriously examine my own clothing choices and found that I too have succumbed to Dog Lady Fashion...

pg 86
"Dog Lady Fashion. Dog Ladies wear baggy cotton clothing and sensible shoes. Gum on the ass? Not an issue. They wear putty - colored natural fibers - material that can stand up to roast beef in the pockets and dog drool and muddy paws. And if a Dog Lady occasionally gets a smear of dog sh*t on her fingers - no problem! She can wipe it off on her 100 percent hemp-fiber, machine washable, no-iron carpenter pants! We lived in a city where even the woman who paints your nails spends two hundred dollars on a haircut. Yet the Dog Ladies did not even bother to wash their hair. They simply threw on dirty base ball caps, gathered up their bloody roast beef and their plastic New York Times bags, snapped on the fanny pack, laced up the Aerosoles and viola - they were ready."

Egads that almost describes what I wore to work today. Sans 'bloody roast beef'.

It does make me giggle though. I was sitting in a meeting last week and felt something large & odd in my pocket. I reached in and pulled out a tennis ball? *scratch head* I daresay I got some odd looks when I sat there and looked at it strangely. How long I had been walking around with this silly tennis ball bulging out of my britches - I don't know.

Just yesterday I was paying for my coffee at Starbucks, when I pulled my wallet out of my coat pocket Charley Bear treats dropped all over the counter. Speaking of which, have you ever eaten a Charley Bear treat? They taste like NOTHING! Why do dogs like these silly things?

I am wearing shoes right now that should have been tossed in the garbage. They are stained green, not from grass mind you. Rather from sheep manure... Scary eh? Especially given the fact that I am at work...

Some one please - submit me for a TLC's "What Not To Wear" intervention. I need help!


Raising Addie said...


I have experienced the same things, sort of.

I have pulled puperoni treats out of my pockets at work and offered a co-worker a treat... LOL.

I was using freeze dried liver as training treats for a while. It leaves a great smell in your pocket which attracts every dog around!

I am so happy that you visited our site. I have been looking through some of your posts. Your pictures are just gorgeous! What type of camera do you use? I have a Nikon D80, but also got a Canon Powershot for easy carrying in a pocket.

Until next time, new friend!
Staci (Addie's mom)

BCxFour said...

I love your blog!!!! Thank you for checking out our blog!

I am glad you like my pictures. I know next to nothing about photography! The camera I use is a Canon Powershot A650 IS, 12.1 mega pixels

I pretty much aim it and snap the picture - and hope it comes out good!

Thanks again!