Friday, December 26, 2008

Introducing Finn the Fantastic!

Who needs socks! I have a new footwarmer!

You too can have a new footwarmer! This footwarmer is soft and silky and even comes with a toe washing feature that turns on automatically on those days your tooties are a bit funky.

Power out? No problem! This footwarmer only needs love and groceries to keep on warmin'. He is versatile and ready to serve...following you everywhere (including the bathroom) ready and waiting to warm your toes all over the house.

You too can bring this special footwarmer home with you!

On Wednesday I received a call that there was a intact male border collie in a shelter in Bellingham. Bob, the BC breed rep with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue was already at the shelter, there were three border collies and he only had two crates. The timing was perfect, there was a nice break in the 'blizzards' and the major roads were passable - so we hopped in for the three hour drive to Bellingham.

After getting stuck in over 16 inches of snow three times we finally made it to the shelter. Where we met Mr. No-Name 1 y/o Intact Male Border Collie.

We named him Finn. This gorgeous little 39 lb boy was a stray, found wandering the streets of Whatcom County.

Finn is your typical hyperactive insane young border collie - but he also plays very well with others and settles down nicely when praise and treats are offered. (Finn is the 1st butt on the left)

He is sweet and loving to the other dogs...(for now). That may change as he gets more comfortable with our pack dynamic.

The first day out on our walks, we tied a 20 ft soft cord to his collar (so we could grab him easily) on the off chance his recall wasn't reliable. We have since removed it, his recall is spot on beautiful, reliable so far with distractions. He was a stray - and I find it a bit difficult to believe that he left his home on his own - my guess is... he was abandoned. Finn will not let any of us out of his sight, indoors or outdoors. Then again who knows...he may have succumbed to the urge to find a girlfriend.

He is housebroken, he will need to be neutered ASAP as he did mark the first day in our house (he has since learned the err of his ways and stopped it). Someone trained him the basics before they abandoned him. He would make an awesome agility dog! Today he hopped backward up the stairs. (*sigh* I have been working with Ranger on that for over a year and he still doesn't have much rear end awareness) Finn is sharp, fast and watches EVERYTHING!

We are going to put him on sheep the first chance we have after the snow melts.

The only issue I have seen so far: Finn has .... the dreaded SEPARATION ANXIETY!!!!

The first night home....he didn't sleep, neither did I. As a matter of a fact, no one in the entire house slept. Finn hates his crate. He howled, barkscreamed and freaked out most of the night. I couldn't take another night of he is sleeping with in our bed for now (I know, I know...this may be a big mistake) I just couldn't do it to him (or myself) another night. We will work on slowly exposing him to the crate over time. I am glad I have the next week off from work to take time with him.

There is one odd feature. Something happened to Finn's tail somewhere along the line. It seems to be missing about 5 inches. He has a little scar at the end too. My guess is - accident.

Finn is the long haired version of Beth. Beth is relieved that Finn understands and respects her position as the ultimate "Ball Queen" and doesn't challenge her possession like Oliver did.

Ranger thinks Finn is cool. Finn thinks Ranger is cool too.

Finn has figured out to stay out of Bonnie's way when she looks like this...

What a motely crew....I dont know if I will be able to let this guy go!


Raising Addie said...

OMD... Finn is just beautiful!

He fits in perfect with your family. I don't see how you will be able to let him go.

Plus, you would be out an excellent foot warmer!

You are a very special person to drive so far in bad snow to get him. I believe he is home. :)


sheepkelpie said...

Awesome that you took him in. He is gorgeous. My Lucy hates her crate, but is fine alone. Maybe his former owners crated him too much. Good luck with him. He looks like he is a very cool boy!

2halves said...

What a handsome boy! He has such an honest face.

Darci said...

What a handsome boy! Id think twice before letting that sweetie go too! Enjoy the little fella and keep us updated!

manymuddypaws said...

he is very cute! I am sure he will be easy to place!

Rockstar and Kipp said...

Wow isn't he handsome? What a saint you are for driving 3 hours in the snow to 'fetch' him! He looks like a sweetheart. I hope he starts to calm down in his crate eventually. Good luck.

BCxFour said...

Thanks for all your comments. Finn is beautiful isnt he? Anyone want him? LOL

Discover with Dagwood said...

Awwww Katie Bear! 17 years old WOW! SO Sorry for your loss.....

There is nothing sweeter than a border collie. Their faces are so precious....only an owner of one (or more in your case :)) knows what special dogs they really are!

I share your love for BC's!!

Enjoying your blog!!