Sunday, December 14, 2008

Border Collie Jewelry

My husband thinks I have completely slipped over the edge. Little does he know that I already did...I was born over the edge.

The only presents I have asked for this year are related to dogs or sheep.

I have always been an avid sheep collector. I believe I got it from my mother who is a fanatical knitter. I grew up watching her spin, weave and knit her own yarn. I believe my mother single handed supported the wool industry for years. I digress...

I love this site! Ramshorn Studio

If that silly link doesn't work - try copying and pasting this into your browser.

The Ramshorn Studio is a wonderful little 'mom & pop' shop that has a myriad of jewelry related to various subjects. They make all the jewerly by hand on site. My favorites are the sheep, knitting & textiles, Border Collie and herding.

Sheep Earrings! One can never have to many sheep earrings!

I love these little border collie earrings

Isn't the Border Collie frisbee pin just adorable?

Paw Print Earrings: Any dog lover would LOVE those!

Finally my favorite - a little border collie pendant.

I wonder if this was a big enough hint to my wonderful husband?


Raising Addie said...

ooooo... beautiful jewelry!

LOVE the necklace!

If you husband doesn't get these hints... there may be something wrong! BOL!


Paws on the Run said...

I love the frisbee pin!