Thursday, December 9, 2010


The puppy pictures have been few and far between because I have been careful about who Bea plays with and have not taken her anywhere she could possibly be exposed to Parvo etc.  I have been there, and done that once before (Brynn).  NEVER AGAIN!    Until she gets her second vaccination - I am not taking any risks.  The only place we visited was Cindy's house so I could hang out with another human &  let Bea meet her brother. 

Briggs is from the Bett/Riggs litter prior to Bea's.   He is just shy of a year old. 

"Who me?"

Briggs spots Bea standing at Cindy's feet....Bea is not too sure. 

"Aaaaaah you look SCARY!  I don't know you....! I am safe here between Cindy's legs!"

 "Camera Face!  SAVE ME!"

"Hmmmm...girl puppy butt.  Must smell."

Brynn tells Briggs to be nice to 'her' puppy. 

"Wanna play with my Skinny?"

"Here, put it in your mouth and PULL!"

"You pull hard for a weak little girly girl!"

"What did I say? Come back!"


Briggs says "AWWWWWWW SH*T!"

"You better share your Skinny with my puppy NICELY!!"

"Hey Bea, wanna play with the Skinny again?  I will be nice...I promise"

"So, I hear you are my sister?  Really?  Tell me, how is Mom?  She is doing real good I hear.  How many more brothers and sisters do I have?   Do they all know I am the BEST?  Well, other than Fame.  He is cool & he is a BOY like me.  Boys are better than girls....." 

"Aaaaaaagh!  Where did SHE come from?  I was being NICE I swear!"

"Gimme the Skinny you stupid boypup, I will show you what a girl can do.  She can KICK YOUR ASS!"

"Ah ha!  Got it...."

"Here you go, Bea!  I got the Skinny for you!"

"Thank you Auntie Brynn!"

"Girls win, boys, that ain't it.  Girls mule, boys moo?  Nope, still ain't right.  Let me think....Girls RULE!  Boys eat poop!  Hee, hee, hee....good enough!"

Does Briggs get his Skinny back?  Find out tomorrow when the story continues....hopefully my imagination will kick back in and you will get something a little more witty than the juvenile text as seen above. 


Christopher said...

She's just gorgeous. I love the eyebrows, and what a great face. You're charmed, congratulations on a great new addition to the family.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol :) love all of the expressions :)

RYKER said...

Just adorable! They play so well together. I love how protective Brynn is with little Bea. She is a lucky little pup.

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

So cute! What a fun trio! Little Bea is so brave!

The Thundering Herd said...

We love watching dogs - and particularly puppies - play together so well.

Kathy said...

SHE IS SOOO GORGEOUS, and she looks like she has the most wonderful temperment with the other dogs--what a seetie, I have heard Riggs puppies are fantastic ;-)--Kathy wtih Liz/Breeze/Cricket

Una said... the tog of war pics! looks like brynn has really taken her under her wing - very sweet!