Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photoshoot - Ann's Samoyeds

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  In Caldwell Idaho this year, I shunned the mobs of shoppers, instead chose to sit out in the freezing (11 degrees F) cold with my best friend Helen (Canon EOS 7D - remember my camera has a name) two gorgeous Samoyeds and our friend Ann of Suntrip Samoyeds & 2 Border Collies.

The sun was just rising, which bathed the field in a beautiful golden hue - and lit up Gracie's eyes.

The wind blew slighly, ruffling her fur

Gracie & Pogo explored together.  Sniffing the air as it blew across the fields.

Gracie's 'sister' Pogo.   I loved the difference in the color of their eyes, and nose.  Pogo's nose is brown & her eyes photography much darker. 

Their color was striking against the browned grasses

I especially liked the grasses & how they brought an interesting texture to the shots. 

"Hi Pogo!  Yes, it is Camera Face making silly noises while she sits in the dirt freezing her arse off." 

A high shrill squeak gets their attention every time! 

"AHHHHHH Incoming!"



They didn't stray far from Ann

 Even though Ann has been sucked completely into the dark world of the border collie & was bringing home a puppy (Bea's littermate, Pearl)...they still adored her. 

They love their Mom, regardless of the border collie handicap. 

 Thank you, Ann for letting me photograph your incredible girls. 

Their love for you shown brightly in their eyes. 


RYKER said...

Beautiful dogs and photos. Well worth freezing your arse off! I would rather do that than face the Black Friday crowds any day!
So you will share the new puppy pictures when Ann gets Bea's litter mate??? Say yes!

Ann said...

Thanks, Ryker. You can see Pearl at http://suntripsamoyeds.blogspot.com.

Loving Carolynn's pix of "The White Girls!" Also very impressed that she correctly identified them on the first try in every photo!

Anonymous said...

What a great set of photos! Ann must be very happy with the mini album you've created for her :)

Happy Holidays to you :)

BevB said...

Great shots of some beautiful dogs.
Have to laugh- my word verification was "rhuff" very appropriate for both our blogs.

Oskar said...

What beautiful dogs!

Guess what? My mom person & I have created a blog, www.PetBlogsUnited.com, and we'd love it if you would come over and check it out.

It's a great place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

Mary said...

You have done a wonderful job of photographing our beautiful granddogs!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Very good shots. Lovely dogs!

Pondering my Way said...

Helen does good work!!! Gorgeous shots of Ann's other side (the light side)! Thanks for sharing! Mary M