Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ranger & Alyssa

Listen carefully, I have something to tell you about Nana's house.   

Furry things with soft tongues live there. 

There were this many....

The one with big pointy ears is smelling me and sniffing me...like all the time.   

He makes me smile....especially when he gets his nose really close and it touches me.  

The grown up's were wondering if he was interested in me, or what I occasionally barf up.  

 "Actually, the smells coming from the other end intrigue me." 

" There is gold in them there diapers....just sayin' "

In more ways than one Ranger... in more ways than one. 


Lynn said...

I love Ranger. [Alyssa's not so bad either! ;)]

Karen said...

Between Alyssa and Bea, you are surrounded by cuteness these days:)

RYKER said...

Oh Ranger, that is just gross! Alyssa is just pink perfection. Now I have another favorite post...they always seem to be yours : )

forensicfarmgirl said...

Ohmygosh! That is beyond cute!

Una said...

Look at Alyssa - she's a little person already! Love pix of doggies and babies together!