Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mighty Bea

I am small

Just a tiny little puppy

But I am LOUD!

Camera Face won't let me play with all the dogs together. 

Just Brynn and Ranger for now.  They are being extra gentle with me.  Brynn is acting like a mommy dog to me.  I like her a lot.  She sniffs me, nudges me and licks me all the time.  When we play she lays down on the floor and does everything really slow and softly.  She plays tug with me, she dangles the tug toy in front of my face, then I grab it.  She only tugs it so gentle ... and she lets me win all the time.  She learned that from Ranger.  Ranger was a good puppy uncle to her, so she is a good puppy Auntie to me. 

When we are outside I watch Ranger very is cuz he is whitish like a sheep. 

He might get away...I need to stop him. 

He starts hopping around, so I flattened my body to the ground and watched him...I dont know why I feel like I need to do that.  But when things move something just turns on in me...Camera face said it is 'stink'.  I dunno what 'stink' is... sounds complicated.  

I watched him reeeeeeealy closely.  


He didn't notice me.

So I sneaked up on him.

I don't know why....but I did it s.l.o.w.

Real quiet too...with my mouth open. 

He still didn't know I was there...I was gonna get his tail!


 But he GOT AWAY! 

Camera Face quit taking pictures then and scooped me up, because she didnt want me to get runned over by Ranger or Brynn who were racing around the yard. 

I had to stay by her to be safe.  Bummer. 

I don't care much, cuz I got a yummy bone. 

This is my bone, come and get it....I dare ya!


Kathy said...

I love your pictures and the composition of them. And the captions are just great. I always enjoy them. Camera face, LOL.

Paws on the Run said...

She looks absolutely adorable!!!

Lean said...

what a sweety lovely story and pictures to.

Country Girl said...

Aw! Adorable! Too funny how you can see their little personalities coming out. Have FUN with her!

Stunning pics as always! Dare I ask... is it still GREEN there???? Lucky duck...

Lynette said...

What a beautiful little girl!!! She's definitely a keeper. Enjoy that puppy breath while it lasts.

Hillbilly Betty / Waylon Aussies said...

Oh my stars, what a DOLL! How do you manage to get anything done? I'd be cuddling her all day.

Freya's Studio said...

She is so very cute! What a great addition to the crew!

Lynn said...

Ditto to everything everyone else has said! (I'm lazy that way!)

Can't wait to see photos of the interaction between Bea and the other pups! (Especially Ranger!)

sagechronicles said...

Bea is such a sweetie! I love how she interacts and does "little dog" already.

Anonymous said...


Emma Rose said...

She is so beautiful. Enjoy!

Karen said...

Oh, is she cute!!
Waiting to see the new blog header....:)

The Thundering Herd said...

What a cutie, Bea - and so glad that you have a great aunt and uncle to take care of you.

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Sucha cute pup! She must be so fun to have around!

JaderBug said...

Little Bea is beyond adorable... congrats on the new addition!

RYKER said...

Yup, your mom is right. You got good stink. You probably got it from your doggy mom and dad. You gotta a great pnality too!

Una said...

Bea is soooo cute! Thanks to your blog and pix, we can watch her grow up!

Versailles Rose said...

She's just darling! Wonderful photos, as usual!