Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas

That is my usual response to someone saying "Merry Christmas".

I say, "Yep, it's Christmas."

So I am going to focus on the positive aspects of this day.

Turkey (again). Potato casserole. Cookies. Irish cream coffee. PIE! A lovely walk with the dogs. Friends.

Bea with Santa! 

This is the BEST Santa in the world!  A couple weeks ago I shot Santa pet photos for Dog Daze Natural Pet Market in Puyallup, WA    Dog Daze is a fantastic store located in downtown Puyallup near the train station.  I love their selection of raw & high quality kibble...not to mention the toys and other great things.  Brynn loves the bunnies - she will stand and stare at the bunnies for hours if we let her.  Dog Daze is also dedicated to pet rescue.  Dogs, Cats, Bunnies...any pet that needs a home they will either foster themselves, find placement or refer them to rescues.  It is owned by a couple of great people - not a corporation.  Prices are very reasonable too.  Can you tell I like the place? 

This was my time doing any photography for them.  Each individual that donated $5.00 to rescue received a disk of their images - so it was a nice way to give back too. 

Santa was amazing, with all animals.  On the day I shot there was even a pony brought in to the store, the next day apparently there was a possum too.  Children, pets, wild  We had a blast! 

Of course during the down time I grabbed Bea and Brynn and shot pictures of them! 

Bea liked Santa too! 

This is the little girl whose saintly mother  brought in her pony and dog for pictures with Santa.  The pony was very well behaved.  Ha!  It was a dog and pony show.  I just got that!  (giggling to myself...yes, I already started in on the Irish Cream). 

The little girl begged me to let her hold Bea.  I couldnt resist taking a picture - it is an illness I have - I must take pictures of anything that is remotely cute, if I dont...I will explode.

Bea had a great time meeting people and many different animals. 

 Well I cant think of anything else to yammer on about and it is time to stuff my face with yummy food, so I will say....

 Merry Christmas Everyone.  From the BCxFour + 1 More gang!    Enjoy the day, and if you can't well, then drink heavily, eat carbs, loads of sugar and pass out.  That is my plan.  :)


Karen said...

Merry Christmas to you all!
Great Santa photos, and I like your plan:) Finally got the turkey and stuffing in the oven, so better get the veggies organized....

Diana said...

Merry Christmas!!! Great pictures as always! Diana

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!


PeeS: I agree, that is a great Santa :)

Lean said...

Merry christmas to all of you and i love the beautiful pictures.

The Thundering Herd said...

Sounds like a wonderful Santa and love the photography.