Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Whole Lotta Everything

I thought I would break through the blog (cone) of silence and let you all know that I am not dead. 

Almost, but not yet. 

Things have been crazy.  My mom came down to visit last week.  We had Grandbaby to see, shopping to do, and much eating to be done.  Not a whole lotta dog stuff was done. 

I made it out to work the dogs at Cindy's one time.  On Saturday we ran in the Rocky Ewe (Judy's) trial at the new field in Roy. 

Brynn was in full Lawn Dart mode.  This is what 99% of our run looked like.  She was running on full octane. I didnt get her slowed down and under control until the run was over & she was in her crate. 

It was strictly training for us & time at the post.  I even dropped the rope on the pen to make sure Brynn listened which required some running.  Best part -  I didnt lose control!   WOOHOO!   

OR fall flat on my face.  Yeah!

I had to stop and think a few times because I forgot my damn flanks again.  If I work my dogs less than twice a week...the flanks are 'poof' GONE from my brain until we get back into the swing of things.  It is so frustrating.   I refer to this phenomenon as Alsheepheimers.  The random sudden inablilty to remember flanks after hours and hours of practice - typically brought on by periods of intense stress while at the post, manifesting in moments of bone jarring humiliation. 

We did have fun helping to set sheep.  It was our job to take the sheep from the pen and drive them half way up to the set out  where the set out dog would pick them up.  Beth does well with repeated tasks that are the same each time.  Once she gets the hang of it she does not deviate, but the amount of driving that needed to be done was a bit beyond her - so I switched to Brynn.  We had great fun!  What an excellent opportunity to train with dogs and people on the field. 

Brynn is awesome.  

She has been busy with 'her' puppy. 

We have all been busy with the puppeh.  Bea is a handful. 

Thankfully the poop eating has stopped.  She is going outside quite reliably now.  When I don't quite make it to her before she needs me, she has been going on the puppy pad rather than the floor.  She will even leave play in the living room to dart to her pen and use the pad.  I feel like a proud mommy. 

Bea got to visit at the trial on Saturday too.  She was VERY interested in watching the sheep and dogs.  She would sit quite nicely and study the action on the field.  I accidently forgot her collar, so I had to use one of Beth's larger collars, then I carefully wrapped the leash around her improvising a harness - it worked like a charm.  She is starting to figure out the leash training. 

She is so smart I think we will have her do our taxes this year. 

Ranger has been relaxing and playing with her more. 

Which gives Brynn a break. 

"Yes, I need a break...Does Calgon come in a sheep schmutz scent?"

It is hysterical to watch Ranger play with Bea.  His expressions are priceless. 

Who needs TV when you have this going on in the middle of your living room?

Watching them is better than anything on the telly. 

Poor Ranger, the center of attention.  Life is so hard for him. 

I have a couple of website related surprises coming up this week.  Can't wait to show you!  (I promised myself I wouldn't until they are completed).  Ohhhhh the anticipation is going to kill me! 


RYKER said...

Thank You! I needed my puppy fix. And you are right, Ranger is a hoot playing with Bea. Love the last one where Bea and Brynn are ganging up on him. Too much fun!

Ann said...

Bea has the sweetest face!! Very pretty and feminine.

Sue the Bichon Frise said...

Poor Ranger, with all of those ladies in the house! He must get tormented all of the time (but I bet he likes it)!

The Thundering Herd said...

As always, we love pictures of dogs at work, but then we hit the pictures of Bea (and Ranger) and were just oooohing and aaaaahing. And we still think of it as puppy breath no matter what she eats.

forensicfarmgirl said...

"alsheepheimers!" I LOVE IT! It soooo totally sums up the problem!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol! love that last pic of them ganging up on Ranger

Lynn said...

My all-time favorite photo of Ranger is of one of him with the "dust bunny"! Priceless!

Emma Rose said...

When Higgins was a puppy I thought my sides would burst from laughing. They are so much fun to watch as they explore and learn. Rangers face is priceless.

Enjoy! And keep those wonderful pictures coming :)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

You ran your dogs quite well at the trial....very calm. You got the pen too!