Thursday, December 2, 2010

Puppy Name Poll Results

I have had so much fun reading the comments that have come through on this poll.

Last week I mentioned on Facebook I was going to name the puppy Beezus (after the older sister in the Ramona stories by Beverly Cleary).  We decided against that name due to the concerns I may shriek  "Jeeeezus Beeeezus" on the trial field at some point.  I wonder, would I be disqualified for that? 

As you obviously ascertained I settled on the name Bea.  Not only because Dianne refused to put Beezus on her registration papers - but it was my first choice.  I wanted to wait until I met the little Bea to make up my mind between Bliss or Bea.   

She is most definitely NOT a "Bliss".  After the past two days, I have to say Bea fits her the best. She is a determined, confident little puppy who has already figured out how to escape her x-pen. 

The nickname possibilities are extensive.  Beaster, Beadle Weedle, Beazlebub, Beatle Bug, Bean, Beazer Weezer, Beazus, Beatrix,  to name a few.

Thank you to all of you for your suggestions! 

Poll Results

Name             Votes            Percent
Bliss                180               37.42 %
Bea                 167               34.72 %
Belle                 41                 8.52%
Brea                 37                 7.69%
Britt                  28                 5.82%
Other Answer   28                 5.82%

OTHER ANSWERS / WRITE IN SUGGESTIONS (someone has a sense of humor :)

JEEZUS BEEZUS!   Wednesday, Nov 24th 10:15AM
Maya                         Monday, Nov 22nd 1:54PM
Checkers                  Saturday, Nov 20th 3:47PM
Bebe                         Friday, Nov 19th 7:58PM
spot                          Wednesday, Nov 17th 11:09AM
Dodie                       Thursday, Nov 4th 10:41PM
Willow                     Sunday, Oct 31st 12:58PM
shep                         Thursday, Oct 28th 8:48AM
Billi                          Saturday, Oct 23rd 2:25PM
Bonji                        Monday, Oct 18th 7:38AM
Tess                         Thursday, Oct 14th 1:15PM
Beta                        Thursday, Oct 14th 1:02PM
jag                          Thursday, Oct 14th 3:55AM
Boo :-)                    Thursday, Oct 14th 2:47AM
Brea                        Wednesday, Oct 13th 2:00PM
Brite                        Monday, Oct 11th 8:39PM
Billie                        Saturday, Oct 9th 3:35PM
Tessa                       Saturday, Oct 9th 10:21AM
Cassie                      Saturday, Oct 9th 10:21AM
Bliss (or maybe Belle!)Friday, Oct 8th 9:32PM
Blaize                       Friday, Oct 8th 8:05PM
Bliss                         Friday, Oct 8th 7:48PM
Bean                        Friday, Oct 8th 7:36PM
Blitz                          Friday, Oct 8th 2:55PM
Buff                          Friday, Oct 8th 2:51PM
Briar                        Friday, Oct 8th 8:54AM
Bliss                         Friday, Oct 8th 8:34AM
Brylee (Bri-lee)        Friday, Oct 8th 7:18AM


Lynn said...

Depending on how fast she is, another nickname for Bea could be BB (as in BB gun!).
Oh, and please don't skimp on the puppy photos!

Holly said...

I agree - we want LOTS of puppy pics! Seeing the few you posted just makes me wish I had a new puppy in our house! Bea is to-die-for cute and the name suits her well :)

RYKER said...

You can add Bea-dazzle to you list of nicknames.
Bring on the puppy pictures Camera Face!
We gotta live vicariously... not every one can have another puppy. My husband would leave home.

Ann said...

Oh, that was me, with the J-- B--! :)

I love the confidence and boldness in these puppies!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Bea sounds perfect. I can't wait to see her!