Friday, September 10, 2010

You Know You Are in Idaho When...

....while working dogs the sounds of your whistles are drowned out by the potato harvest going on in the next field.

Forget whistles ...just hurl a potato at your dog.  You have Potato Herding! 

Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze...  I said...Ahhhhchooooowayyyyy! 

Good grief!  Potatoes are loud! 

Walk up....ahhh heck....jump up and down, shouting, whistling, waving your arms....WAAAALLLKKK UPPPP!  Throw a moves.  Good dog!

Toss your potato to the takes Away flank!  Yeah!

Only in Idaho.   I love it.

(Please forgive the preceding lame arse attempt at potato herding humor - it is a new genre for me  :)

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Pat A said...

Ah those large harvesters etc. Our dogs have come to love them. They watch them like a movie until they get tired of that and decide to go play tag. I love wire fencing for the dogs. Had that until we moved to Bonnie Lake where privacy fencing was required. I did not realize it was the fencing that bothered the dogs so much when they could not see out but here with Chain link fencing, The dogs accept and are interested in anything going on around them.