Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beth and the Magical Wonder Tongue

You have all seen Beth's ridiculously large ears. 

For such a petite little dog, her ears represent approximately 40% of her body surface area.  Okay, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration.  I am prone to exaggerate, please excuse me...I have a severe traumatic brain injury from a collision with the pantry door this afternoon.  

What was I saying?  Oh yes.  Beth's unusual body proportions.  

Look at those ears, seriously.  No wonder she flies them at half-mast - if a stiff wind came up we would be searching for her off the coast of Japan.

But those ears just make me want to schmoosh her little face and kiss it all over - until she squirms away "woo, woo"'s at me then nails me in the noggin with a tennis ball. 

Something else Beth has been blessed with is an extraordinarily long tongue.  We never have to worry about heat intolerance in Beth.  She just lets that tongue flop around for a few moments and poof...she is cool.  

Who wouldn't be?  It represents the remaining 60% of her body surface area.  (Alright fine... that may have been another slight exaggeration.) 

One of my friends called her tongue "Outstanding".  

Seriously how is that even possible?  You would think if she stuck it out any further she would suddenly turn inside out.

Beth and the Magical Wonder Tongue.  

It is amazing she doesn't trip over it while working.  

The way she can contort it as it hangs out of her mouth leaves me speechless.  

Almost makes my tongue hurt.  

Yes, it is a heroic tongue. 

Maybe I should measure it?  Where do you start measuring?  The tip of the tongue or the back?  Will it make her gag?  Nah, she might bite me with her few remaining teeth. 

She reminds me of someone.....let me think.  

Yes!  I have it! 

I see a resemblance.  But Beth's smile is so much sweeter.  

Ah ha!  Beth's Halloween Costume for this year!  

I wonder how she will feel about the white face paint?  Think she will lick it off? 


Karen said...

Yes, Beth is definitely much sweeter:)
That is a long tongue. Does she ever have part of it sticking out when her mouth is closed?
Luna's is quite a bit bigger than Jake's, and lots of times you see an inch or so sticking out at the front, when she is awake or asleep. One time while working the sheep, she had her mouth closed, and there was an inch of tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth. THAT was not an intelligent look:)

Emma Rose said...

I love her ears too. She reminds me of the Flying Nun :)

Anonymous said...

In a few short weeks you be able to have all those cool things only with a grand baby! I became a Nana(my mom is grandma:) last year. It is awesome! All the fun, but you get to sleep all night!

RYKER said...

Too Funny, hope she doesn't trip over it! Where are the rest of her teeth?

Karen said...

Carolynn, you probably saw this, but just in case you didn't

Beth has nothing on Puggy's tongue:(