Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dog & the Butterfly

Oh hiya.  Thank doG we are out of the car.  The drive home from Idaho is looooong! 

Are you gonna throw the ball anytime soon?  

Sorry Beth, no more ball's for you.  

Fine you won't give me a ball I will find my own stuff to play with.  

How about a evil stick? 

Sticks can seriously hurt dogs,  you know.  

Sticks can jab dogs in their throat and poke eyes out.  They are very dangerous.

I won't mention the bad things that can happen when pieces of stick get stuck in our gums.  

Since you wont let me play with a ball anymore I am forced to play with things that are bad for me.  

Beth, leave the stick...lets go explore!  

Did you say explore?  YEAH!  

Lots to see and look at here!  
We are at one of my favorite places, Deadman's Pass view point off of I-84 in the Blue Mountains, Oregon.

Look what I found!  Pretty orange flowers, or weeds....don't know what they are but they compliment my coloring nicely, don't you think?


Oh look!  It is a White Pine Butterfly!  They are EVERYWHERE! 

Really?  What is that?  

Butterflies are beautiful flying insects.  

Just like the one on your head Brynn.  

What did you say? 

Is there something on my head?

No Brynn, just kidding.  There is nothing on your head...other than a butterfly.  

I got one too!  

I like to try and catch them in my mouth. 

Since you wont throw the ball, guess I have to resort to killing pretty little butterflies.  

What is it gonna be?  The ball or the butterfly?  

Okay Beth, you manipulative little freak.  How about a Frisbee?  Will that do? 


PoochesForPeace said...

i hate to admit it but i have loads of jealousy at how good your pics are lol. especially that mountain one !!

gvmama said...

The Deadman's Pass photo is photo contest worthy! Beautiful.

Lynn said...

Oh my! Wonderful!! The one with Brynn trying to see what's on her head made me laugh!

Emma Rose said...

Amazing photos! The weekend we drove to Idaho to adopt Higgins there were those little white butterflies all over the place. But I couldn't get a picture of one to save my life - much less a picture of one on the dogs! Great capture :)