Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rambling Nostalgia

I miss my kids when they were little.    Toddlers are so inquisitive.  Life was new, joyful and rotated around their meal & nap schedule. 

So many things about the dogs remind me of my children when they were young.  Many people say that a border collie has the intelligence of a 5 y/o child.  I believe that along with intelligence they perhaps have  more common sense than the typical teenager.  Just sayin'.

Case in point:   When was the last time you saw a border collie set a bottle of gasoline on fire in your drive way?  Jump out of the window with a wet bed sheet as a parachute?  Get their head stuck in a heating vent?   Wash their privates with rubbing alcohol?

I rest my case. 

I look at my kid's baby pictures and miss the innocence of youth.  I miss nap time.  I miss car seats & strollers where I could strap them in and they couldn't escape without help.  I miss putting them to bed at night and know that they were not going to sneak out the window only to be brought home by the local police at 2 am.

My dogs remind me of children sometimes - without the police involvement.

Brynn just brought me her bone.  She gently placed it into my lap.  Then sat back, wagging her tail while I oooohed and awwwed over her bone.  She was delighted that I had it.

She started this behavior when she was a puppy.  She will bring me a toy, bone or sock.  Tuck it into the spot next to me in the chair, or drop it on my lap.  If I try to give it back to her she is disappointed I did not keep her treasure.

I remember when my youngest son would bring me pieces from his treasured 'Thomas the Tank Engine' train set.  He would hand it to me and smile then say "Mommy,  you can play with this for a while."   Most of the time I would make a big deal out of his 'gift'.  I would watch him  blossom in happiness.

Other times I would thank him then hand it back and tell him I was too busy.  I didn't recognize the value of the gift he was giving me.  I was too busy. Either sewing, cooking, watching TV or some other thing that wasn't going to matter in 20 years.

I really miss those moments especially when that same little boy is standing in front of me trying to manipulate me out of the contents of my wallet.

I wish I could have raised and trained a dog or two before I had kids - with the training techniques I have learned over the past year.    I wonder how much better of a parent I would have been?


Karen said...

Let's look at the cup half full side.
Maybe you are a better dog trainer now because of what you have learned from living with your kids:)?

The Thundering Herd said...

I would agree with what you are saying except . . . there was that time that Nikita and Cocoa escaped the yard, spent a night in doggie jail, and the accompanying fines were steep. So, see, police can be involved with your dogs.

An English Shepherd said...

But would they have played fetch ;-)


RYKER said...

Ahhh, I just love baby pictures. She is so cute. I'd take a puppy over a baby any day!
Ryker's mom