Thursday, September 2, 2010

Check out this Blog - Farm Fresh Forensics

There are many an odd combination in this world can trip our triggers. 

My stepson once suggested peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich.  Surprisingly, not half bad. 

Pickles and ice cream - when you are pregnant is hailed by many a woman as sublime. 

My favorite combination, Cheetos Puffs and Peanut Butter Cups. 

Sweet and salty

Sour and sweet

Fish and tartar Sauce, chips and vinegar

Movies and popcorn

Did you ever imagine Farm life, Sheep, Border Collies, Photography and Forensics? 

Combine CSI and Bedlam Farm you have

Welcome to the twisted little world of Failte Gate Farm
I bounce between working as a CSI in a large metropolitan city to running a small farm with goats and sheep that would make Mother Teresa cuss like a sailor. Life doesn't get more real than rats in the morning and maggots at night. Come and sit a spell with us. Enjoy the Circle of Life! 
You'll never look at a fly the same way again.

Here is the link


Hillbilly Betty / Waylon Aussies said...

One of my dog buddies sent me a link to this blog just a couple of weeks ago and I agree - it is great!

Kathy said...

When you think about it,....with the circle of life thing, it all fits perfectly. Thanks for the recommend to check out the blog. Hey, I totally get the cheetos/peanut butter cups, umm, sounds like heaven! ;-)---Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

sagechronicles said...

I know about odd combinations and thanks for the link to Farm Fresh Forensics! I gave you an award. Go to my website to pick it up and get instructions on how to pass it along!

Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day! Just droppin by to let you know I gave you an award today. Feel free to pop in and pick it up :)