Monday, September 13, 2010

Brynn and the Kelpies

When we were at Dianne's Brynn got to see a couple of friends she knew well from her time spent in training with Dianne.   Two Kelpies, Sonnet and Roulette. 

It took a moment to recognize each other...then joy, happiness and silliness ensued!

Oh I know you?  

Wanna play?  I have a stick buried here from earlier.  I can dig it up.  

I can help!  Lets dig!

 It is here somewhere...I just know it is!  

I found it!  Where are you going?

I will let you hold it first!  

Mad stick dog pounce!

I am tired of racing around playing chase.   I would rather watch the sheep now.  

That is BORING! Chase me!  Pretend I am a  SHEEP!    
I am a Rouge sheep from Montana - with TEETH!  

Rouge Sheep Beware!

Uhhh! You are a scary sheep. 

 I am a mature Kelpie, I don't play with pretend sheep.  

Darn serious Kelpies.  Bahsheepbug. 

Mom, this stick is boring.  When can I pay with the sheep again? 


Ann said...

They were so funny when I was there. . .I KNOW YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? How do you know how to get to this place?? Jane is too serious to play with goofy Kelpies.

Jane was like, "I think you shop at my mom's store. I'm here to work sheep. See you in Reno, maybe, if I feel like going to the store."

Could be nicer, Jane!

G. M. said...

Ooh, are those Chris V's dogs? ROO! Sonnett! Hee! Great photos, thanks for sharing. :)
Cheers ~

Gloria in Nevada

gvmama said...

Love it....too cute. Suzanne

Corbin said...

Great pictures!!!

sagechronicles said...

Loved the pictures! I could see Sage in the Kelpies (except with longer hair).