Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Third Time is the Charm

Three days, three vet visits.

We seem to be on a roll. I really should have bought pet insurance.

Abby and Beth had a knock down, dirty, drag out b*tch fight today. We were all in the back yard. I turned on the hose to fill up the water bowls. The hose excites Beth and she thinks she is going to be able to chase the water. Abby took offense at Beth's excitement...

One minute everyone is getting along, happy happy joy joy....

The next thing I know they are rolling around the yard like a couple of screaming hyena's.

Since I was holding the water hose, I quickly changed the setting on the sprayer to FULL JET and began to soak them. It had absolutely NO EFFECT! I kept spraying...nothing.

Abby kept attacking Beth, even when she tried to get away and jumped on her back from behind. Then Bonnie was coming in behind Abby and nailing her on the rear legs as Abby was chewing on Beth's neck.

I dropped the hose and started grabbing dogs. When I got hold of Abby's collar (after being bit once in the leg - entirely my fault) I lifted her off of Beth. She didn't want to let go of Beth's neck. I jerked her once hard and she loosened her grip. I used my foot to push Bonnie off of Abby. Then I managed to grab Beth by the scruff of her neck. So there I stand with one dog in one hand and the other dangling from the other. I stumbled over to the back door, somehow got it open and threw Beth inside. Bonnie followed quickly behind her.

Poor Daisy and Ranger were standing about 15 feet away looking stunned - but safe.

Sitting down on the back porch I looked Abby over from nose to tail. She was bleeding from a laceration inside her mouth, but no signs of anything else serious. When Ranger and Daisy came over to sniff Abby growled and lunged at Ranger.

I left her outside, brought Ranger and Daisy in the house with me to check Beth & Bonnie. Bonnie was fine. Beth's wounds were another story and were going to need vet care.

After a trip to the vet Beth has sutures on two deep wounds, one right next to her eye and the other inside her ear. She has a severe puncture wound on her neck that has a pocket and may need further care if it gets infected. The rest of her wounds on her neck, back, hindquarters and legs are superficial.

All of Abby's wounds are superficial, except for a laceration inside her mouth in her gum line. The vet said it will heal itself without sutures.

Abby and Beth have been at odds since she arrived. I have watched my lovely stable pack go off the deep end in two weeks. Ranger also has bite wounds that were found on his neck Monday.

Abby is leaving. Her constant anxiety, unpredictable aggression & neurotic behavior is sending all the dogs over the edge. I believe that Abby was never properly socialized as a puppy and this will not get any better over time. It will only get worse. Abby needs to be placed in a home without other dogs. She needs to be in a foster home where they have the capability to keep the dogs separated. I do not have the ability to do that.

Abby is in her crate. John will be taking her to her new foster home first thing in the morning.

Say a couple prayers for the dogs - lets hope this begins the journey back to a calm and stable atmosphere for our pack. If things keep going like they have been - I am going to have a heart attack.


Suzuki said...

Our two girls have begun to fight in the last couple of years. We have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills from fights. They will both latch on like pit bulls and not let go of each other. We found out recently that the best way to seperate them is to grab one by the back legs and pull, they are shocked and let go but you have to be really quick to get them out of the way of the other one.
Suzuki's Mum

Gennasus said...

I think bitches are the worst when it comes to fights, they don't forget things and seem to bear a grudge.

You've done the best thing for all concerned. I hope peace reigns within your pack soon.

sheepkelpie said...

Wow. What a barrage you have been going through. That is just so scary. Fights in packs are just extremely tough. I hope everyone recovers well (you too!), and that Abby finds a nice calm, only dog home. Perhaps a rest from fostering for a bit? I think you should go on a nice sheepdog vacation with ONE dog!
Hugs to you.

fulltiltbcs said...

Good lord...that sucks :(

It is hard introducing dogs to a pack sometimes, especially when they don't understand proper behavior!!

I hope Abby finds a great single dog home!!

Paula said...

Hi, there! I've only just now started reading your blog and really enjoy it (I found it through Crooks and Crazies). I'm sorry this happened, as well as the other incident with Ranger. I think sending Abby to a different foster home is the 100% right decision to make. It's not fair to her or more importantly, your pack and family to allow her to stay with you, but have to live on edge. She'll be fine and I hope your gang is back to normal ASAP.

Sarah said...

oh man, i am sorry to read about this. i hope your dogs are ok, and that abby can find the right kind of home.

Laura said...

Wow, you just can't catch a break these days with your pack, can you? I'm sorry to hear about this--Loretta's right, it sucks! I hope everyone heals without incident, and things start to calm down for you guys...

Mason Dixie said...

Wow that really sucks that Abby has had a hard time adapting to something that should be so natural, to be in a pack. I hope her new foster home is great. I hope your other pups are okay and not too traumatized from the situation. =)

BCxFour said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. It has been a very tought few days.

Today was night and day different from the past two weeks. Everyone is sleeping at my feet

Peaceful...comfortable and calm. *sigh* Heaven...

Raising Addie said...

Oh my you poor thing!

I hope all of your pups are healing well.

OMD what a time you have had!

I hope your pack starts to calm down and get back to normal.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie