Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lesson Learned

I have learned a very valuable lesson.

*gross content warning*

At 4AM this morning Bonnie was whimpering and whining in her crate. This is atypical for her & in my sleep hazed brain I didn't ask myself "why". I just let her out of the crate and we headed down stairs. She did her quick dash out into the back yard and reappeared at the door. I was happy it was so quick.

Bonnie dashed back up the stairs and we went back to her crate. But she didn't want to get in. She whimpered at me and I relented. Whoosh, up onto the bed she went.

Mind you...I didn't turn on the lights.

So we snuggle up and then an odor began to permeate my brain. The smell is emblazoned into my memory. I remembered that smell from many a child's leaky diaper. My blood froze...

I flipped on the light switch to see my beloved Bonnie squatting. As my eyes adjust, I see the trail of ....well.....you know ....liquid brown.... EVERYWHERE!

I shrieked "BONNIE NO!" She looked at me with the most pathetic, sad & guilty look, one only a dog can get as they are hovering their squirting butt over your luxurious down comforter. She felt horrible but was overwhelmed by her distressed derriere.

I wish I would have scooped her up and taken her down the stairs. Instead I watched in horror as she leaped off our bed, I followed her, listening to the damage squirt out her backside and ooze all over our bedroom carpet, down the stairs, through the living room, kitchen, dining room, finally the back yard. Where she sits still.

I have to have the comforter cleaned, my quilt, sheets, pillowcases are in the washer. One pillow will need to be thrown out. I spent the better part of an hour cleaning the carpet.

The smell is stuck in my nose, my house, our bedroom, our bed.

Never again will I let a whining, whimpering dog into our bed.

When surveying the damage John said "Look at it this way, at least the stuff that soaked through to the mattress is on my side of the bed". Then he left for work.

The poor poor man...he knows he is toast.

He is the one who fed Bonnie the left over pieces of chicken from the store bought rotisserie chicken. I think dribbling the fat from the bottom of the container over her food may have been a tad to much for her gastrointestinal system. He escaped at an appropriate time...


manymuddypaws said...

oh poor bonnie!!! i hate that smell. in the middle of the night. there is nothing like it.

i feel your pain.

Gennasus said...

Stripping the bed at 4am is never the best way to start the day! It's a familiar story though and you have my sympathy. I can almost smell it! The joy of keeping animals.

Never mind, you'll probably look back and laugh about it.......once the smell has left.

Laura said...

Oh no! I feel for you, like all dog owners, I've been there, done that. It's never a good way to start the day! Hope Bonnie's feeling better now!

Darci said...

I feel for you girl! Been there done that! If its any consolation, I just switched the dogs food, and for two days now Ive had a few that havent made the switch so... digestivly well shall we say! LOL

BCxFour said...

Egads...it just doesnt seem to end. After I posted this Bonnie started vomiting. I am going to watch her a little bit but if she doesnt perk up by this afternoon - we are going back to the vet.


I really should have purchased pet insurance.

An English Shepherd said...

Hope Bonnie is OK. Sorry to hear about your smelly start to the day :-(

Andrea said...

Poor Bonnie! I hate that smell..but I hate the sound of whimpering dog more. I feel for you!

fulltiltbcs said...

Poor Bonnie! Hopefully she gets better soon!

I have never experienced that in my BED...but I can at least sympathize a bit!

Lacey said...

Oh that's interesting, about the rotisserie chicken juice/fat. I finally figured out that, although Lacey seems to have a digestive tract of steel, grease/fat/butter will result in the SQUIRTS for her. Sorry about the mess. OMG.

Suzuki said...

Oh poor Bonnie :(
Sometimes you just gotta go!
Big licks to you

sheepkelpie said...

The runs. It sucks. Mental note to self: when dog is whining a lot, they go outside, and we can cuddle there...

Nibbles Treats said...

The Hershey squirts! WOW! Hope you took lots of pictures!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Raising Addie said...

Oh your poor Bonnie!

I hope she is feel better by now. That must have been just awful for her.

Your poor bed and house!

We certainly have all been there.

And then she was throwing up too. Oh I really hope she is feeling better!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie