Monday, March 9, 2009

Peeping Ranger

I enjoy a little time to myself in the morning without noses in my lap, nudging elbows, toys being dropped next to me or someone licking my toes. A nice cup of tea at my computer is a peaceful way to catch up with my blogging friends. After I feed the dogs their breakfast, out the door they go to do their business and get a little energy out of their systems.

This morning was snowy and cold. I had to forcibly push Abby and Ranger out the door. They were none to happy about it. Oh well, mom needs some quiet time...

So there I sit in my lovely home office at my computer desk, next to the window.

When I get this know the one I am talking about. The back of your neck tingles and your skin crawls a bit. Someone is watching you...

We live in a large development and the houses are close - but my blinds are closed. Who could even see me?

I went back to reading....and tried to think of something else. Then I hear scratching, whining and wimpering. I grabbed the camera & slowly lifted the blinds.

I spy with my little eyes - a peeping Ranger.

Ranger is sitting on the whiskey barrel that I grow my tomato plants in beneath the window.

He wasn't alone

Hey Mom - let us in, it is COLD out here! Wait? Where did she go?

AH HA! There you are! LET ME IN!

Please MOM - we are FREEZING! My claws are turning BLUE!

Hey Ranger, maybe if I scratch on the window a whole bunch she will let us in?

I dont think this is working. She is laughing at us now...

Lets try a different strategy Bonnie. Why don't we go over here in the snow and look like we are freezing to death. Then she will have to let us in. Bonnie, look at the window and shake...



Raising Addie said...


This is the BEST post!!

We LOVE love love the picture of Bonnie sitting in the planter!

OMD... this post is just priceless!

Thank you soooo much for sharing it!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Suzuki said...

BOL Did your Mum let you in again?
Big licks to you

BCxFour said...

Thanks Staci! I was hoping someone else would get a chuckle out of that! I giggled everytime I look at that picture of Ranger peeping over the edge of the window.

Suzuki - yes, their mom did let them in - shortly after torturing them in the cold and laughing for a short period of time. :-)

Sarah said...

hilarious! they are so funny!

Kaleb is a peeper too!!