Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clinic Pictures & Scott Glen/Maid Video

I finally have the clinic pictures done. I was disappointed in how 99% of them came out. My camera does not have a good distance lense on it so many of them are grainy. Combined with the mist and rain - it reduced the quality even more. Oh well, it is, what it is. I have some favorites

This young dog had a long line on him to 'slow him down' a bit. Can you imagine him without it?

Toward the end of the clinic on Sunday afternoon all the girls were getting a bit punchy. Scott was looking a bit tired too. Every time he stopped he would lean against his stick. I wished I could have gotten a shot of the time he was leaning on it so hard it looked like it was going to snap in two. One of the other woman and I were joking about a possible herding stick accident & what type of injuries it may entail.

Do you suppose Fionn is loved?

I cant tell...I think he is neglected.

Chili was tired of being forced to just watch. He thought 'auditing' a clinic was just plain booooorrrrinnngggggg.

Mom, come on...the sheep are like right there, and I have to just sit here? Wassupwitdat?

Dude, this is like, so not cool....

Hiya, my name is Nan, don't hate me because I am beautiful.

The weather was icky and cold. Poor Beth was watching the action and shaking so hard I was worried teeth were going to rattle out of her head. We borrowed the coat Chris had been wrapping her Kelpie Rosie up in. Beth stopped shaking and was able to watch the sheep now in comfort if not style.

Beth says: "You call this style? I look like a cold border collie wrapped in dirty wind breaker. Must I suffer the indignity of you taking pictures now too? Get a life you wierd old woman."

You can see the rest of the clinic pictures here (the really crappy pictures are at the beginning - they do get a little bit better later)

Link to Fido's Farm Scott Glen Clinic Slideshow

And finally the best for last, a video of Scott working Maid. I asked Scott if I could film him and he said on one condition. If Maid didn't work well I had to delete it. When he was done - I asked him if he wanted me to delete it? He said, no, she did good. So now you can see what we saw - It was poetry for the eyes. Enjoy! (Sorry about the crappy videography. Again blame the cameraman).


Gennasus said...

The look on Chili's face says it all! Who needs words? Love it.

Andrea said...

Simply excellent photos!! The close ups are wonderful and that first action shot with the sheep is outstanding!! Love to read about your herding.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Ah, ny Sweet Nan....I just love that dog and thanks for the cute pix!! I had a blast at the clinic!!

An English Shepherd said...

Pics look great to me :-)

Thats quite a collection of ears on those Border Collies ;-)