Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Meet Andy. He is being fostered by Vicki, a friend of mine with PNW Border Collie Rescue. Andy is nine years old and looking for his forever home.

Vicki accompanies us on our river walks often and brings several of her dogs with her. Last week she brought Andy, one of her fosters. For some reason Andy caught the attention of a flock of birds. They followed him all the way down the river and back. He was enthralled by it all. I managed to capture it on video & then used it to put together his adoption video.

Enjoy! (The music is Dixie Chicks song called 'Lullaby' from the 'Taking the Long Way' album)

Please check out Andy's listing on www.pnwbcrescue.org. He is a very special boy.


Amy said...

Andy is a handsome and entertaining guy. Here's hoping his perfect forever family comes along soon!!

Jodi said...

OMG! I love him! I am so glad I don't live any closer. I love that song, and Andy reminds me of a skinny Jag. I hope he finds a wonderful forever place. Please keep me posted on him.


Nibbles Treats said...

Nice to meet you Andy! You are a cool looking guy and we hope you get adopted really soon!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Sarah said...

what a nice looking boy, i hope he gets his home soon, great video