Sunday, March 8, 2009

Abby & Elf Update

Abby Update: I posted Abby's bio and adoption information on the rescue site. ABBY'S ADOPTION INFORMATION. I also made a video of her.

When we were down at Fido's Farm on Saturday I had a chance to test Abby on sheep with Sylvia. It didn't go well. Abby was afraid of Sylvia. She warmed up quickly then had to contend with the sheep. Once she realized they were there Abby was afraid of them. She would occasionally circle around behind them - then fear would kick in and she would shut down - completely ignoring them. We are going to wait until next weekend and try her again. She may have just been too overwhelmed with all the changes in her life to deal with woollies.

When we were at Fido's Abby met Barbara who is Peak Agility. She was at Fido's for her husband Jorgen's herding lesson with Karen Child. I tried to con Barbara into taking Abby home with her. I think I almost had her. Barbara did say Abby would make a fantastic agility dog! WOOHOO! Barbara and Jorgen foster Border Collies with PNW Border Collie Rescue too.

Beth and Abby are now mortal enemies. Abby is a strong female. Beth is the alpha in our pack. Abby is challenging her constantly. Poor Beth, She is a wee bit stressed and counting on her claws the days until Abby gets a new home.

Elf Update: Elf is like a different dog! He got a bath on Friday. No more Stinky Poo Poo Butt. I am amazed at how wonderful his coat is. He feels just like an angora rabbit. He is finally coming out of his shell. He will leave the bathroom now when John is in the house. Loud noises will still cause him to cower in fear then dart for the nearest corner. If you are holding anything in your hands the poor guy hits the deck and shakes. (I am trying to desensitize him to this by carrying something with me all the time). He is scared of the camera so taking pictures has been very difficult. We learned that Elf is completely TERRIFIED of the TV. So it has been a TV free weekend much to the kids chagrin.

Elf has been staying in the kitchen/dining room/living room when we are eating together at the table. He sticks close to the walls and hides behind the chairs, but is nudging elbows and inserting his nose between the occasional elbow and table. He has mastered the "I am starving" look at the same time managing to look scared & pathetic. It is a winning combination. Lets just say he learned begging was rewarding...

Elf has been sleeping 75% of the time. When he isn't sleeping, he is eating or venturing out to explore the downstairs. We are working on the housebreaking. Given all the things he is scared of - I am going to make the assumption Elf has never been in a home before (the TV clinched it). From observing his behavior - someone somewhere did this poor baby serious harm. He will be staying with us for a long time. He needs to learn how to trust all people will not hurt him. It will come in time.

Today Elf went for his first walk. We kept the long drag line on him just to be safe. Which was a good thing because he has NO recall and tried to make a few breaks for it.

Elf is in love with Grace

It was difficult getting pictures of Elf because he is frightened of the camera - but I managed to sneak a few. I can see why they called him Elf.

The ears ... totally the ears.

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Raising Addie said...

OMD... poor Elf!

We are sooo happy that he is in good hands now. We can see the love that he has for Grace. Just precious pictures!

Hang in there Beth. We know you can stand Abby for a little while longer until she finds her forever home.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie