Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess Who Has a New Home?

ELF! Yes, ELF!

A wonderful family came on Tuesday to meet Abby. The family consists of Grandpa, Grandma and their adult daughter who takes care of them. I was concerned due to their age and lifestyle that Abby had too much energy and would overwhelm them with her hyperactivity. Meeting with Abby they were able to see she did indeed have the potential to drive them insane.

While talking to them Elf was very bravely coming to the doorway and peeping at them, then whoosh...gone in the flash.

Grandpa asked about the dog that was peering into the room. I told them a little bit about Elf and his history. I didn't hold anything back. Then Grandpa pulled out his wallet and showed me pictures of the border collie he just lost. He said Elf reminded him of her. Then grandpa slowly slide off the couch and onto the floor where Elf could see he wasnt a threat.

Remember Elf is terrifed of men and strange people - which makes this even more remarkable.

Elf slowly made his way over to him and his daughter. To make a long story short - Elf liked them both after a little bit of warming up.

Later we went for a walk with their German Shepherd to make sure they would get along. No issues. When we were on our way back - Elf saw Grandpa waiting for him at the drive way, he almost yanked my arm out of its socket so he could get to him. When we got close he zipped right behind him and stayed very close to his legs then he looked at the car and acted like he wanted to get in it with them. Grandpa was in love. The deal was sealed. Elf was going to them after they passed their home visit.

They are prepared for the housebreaking issues, the panic attacks and the extreme fear. They are commited to Elf and aware of all his issues.

I am so happy for Elf. He is going to be spoiled ROTTEN! I will be bringing him to his new home Friday where his new name will be McDuff (Duffy for short).

Goodbye Sweet Boy...


Mason Dixie said...

I am so happy for Elf, oh how that family must have patients for him. so excited to see him go with his new forever home. Thanks for finding him a great home and sharing it with us. =)

Versailles Rose said...

That was just magic! I'm so happy for the family and for Elf. What a joy to find a home for that sweet dog.

Raising Addie said...


We are sooo very happy that Duffy has a new forever home. Their meeting was clearly meant to be.

Versailles Rose was right, that was just magic!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

fulltiltbcs said...

YEAH FOR ELF!! Awesome that they are willing to take him and make him their own!

Nibbles Treats said...

That is so cool! What a great ending to our week. We needed some happy news!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

An English Shepherd said...

Well done Grandpa :-) Lucky Elf

BCxFour said...

I brought Elf to his home today. It was so hard to say goodbye - he tried to come with me as I was leaving. I am going to miss him...

Darci said...

thats why I cant do rescue. Id never want to let the dogs go. It must be a rewarding and yet difficult thing to do. Sounds like Duffy and grandpa found a need for each other within each other. How cool is that!!