Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apple Thieves

I bought some Red Delicious Apples at the grocery store. I arranged them on the table in a lovely stoneware bowl. After I was done with the chores I was enjoying some peaceful computer time in another room when I heard what sounded like apples falling on the floor, then Beth was at my elbow nudging me. I got up to investigate...

Sure enough 'someone' snagged a couple of apples for a nice afternoon snack.

Ranger and Bonnie were completely engrossed with their fruity treats - so I grabbed the camera and recorded it.

I wonder...does an apple a day keep the Vet away?

Oddly enough the only thing that was missing was two apples. The bowl remained in the center of the table - apparently undisturbed. Perhaps I dropped a couple of them when I brought the bag in the house? I will never know...

Thankfully we saw no obvious 'end results' of their foray into fruit nirvana.


Splash said...

Did you ever see that story "I has a sweet potato"? Your post reminded me of that! It's hilarious, if you haven't read it, you SHOULD!


Mason Dixie said...

That is pretty sneaky, but pretty clever of the pups. =)

Sparky said...

I bet an apple a day will totally keep the vet away! If I were there, I would have snagged a couple of those apples too. I'm sure they were delicious! Good job my friends!

I hope you have a grrrrEAT week,


Raising Addie said...


Wonderful video!!

Those apples looked really tasty!!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Andrea said...

That was great!!! Sophie enjoyed watching your pups chow down! lol! :)

Suzuki said...

BOL Yesssss, you will never know :)
Big licks to you

Nibbles Treats said...

Apples are good for them. I use them in a lot of my treats.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Nibbles Treats said...

Our mom wanted us to mention, if they continue to snag them from the table, make sure you either wash them off before you put them in the bowl or buy organic. The pesticides, wax, etc. still on the apple is not good for them.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Sarah said...

that is super adorable!!!