Wednesday, March 28, 2012


While the flock was grazing this morning one ewe kept going off by herself in the brush.  I remarked to John that she was an adventurer, a free thinker. He looked at me like I was nuts. 

If I had been using my brain, it would have been obvious what was going on. 

I didn't  think she was pregnant.  Just the other day I checked her bag, nada.  Flat as a pancake.  I figured she was going to be a cull, or she was one of the last ones due from the second set.  

When I moved the sheep back into the pen and started fiddle farting around I spied her on the ground groaning, grunting with a bag of water protruding. 

Ooops.  Guess I totally missed that one. 

It was a good thing we were there, the lamb presented with locked elbows.  The ewe is very skittish, I had to wait till she was on the ground, sneak around Jim who was keeping watch - to swoop in, shove my hands in and root around a bit.  With a pop the lamb came free, as you can see in this shot Jim kept a vigil as the lamb's head emerges. 

"Hello my little lamb, welcome to the world.  I am your momma...I think."

Since the wind was howling I was able to move her over to the field shelter to block the wind while she delivered the second lamb. 

This poor ewe, she was shell shocked. This was her first time lambing and she appeared dazed and confused.   

In this shot her expression screams "WTF just happened?"

The new family has since settled into a jug, they are warm with full bellies.  Mom is eating and drank an entire bucket of water with molasses in a couple hours. 

It is important to note that while the ewe was delivering her her second lamb, Sadie the Lamb thief tried to sneak in and steal her first lamb.  

Sadie has a hoarding problem.  Behold her lamb collection. 

She is now caring for 6 lambs.  The two she delivered, Fred she adopted and 3 more who nurse from her, and their real mothers.  She shoves them all together, lies over them while they sleep.   It is too cute for words. 


17 ewes delivered
5  remain with due dates beginning next week (from second ram)

35 lambs total
1 still born (disrupted attachment - dog attack)
1 death at birth (premature ram lamb)
1 death from birth complication (ewe lamb died in birth canal during pull - TOO BIG)
1 death from being smashed in jug by ewe (ram lamb).

31 surviving lambs
11 ram lambs (13 total less two ram lamb deaths)
20 ewe lambs (21 total, less one ewe lamb death)

2 sets of triplets
13 sets of twins
2 singles


Daffycat said...

I've had a blast visiting your blog this evening. From the video of the triplets birth and lamb races to this silly Sadie who collects lambs, I've enjoyed every minute. Thank you!

gvmama said...

Love Sadie with her brood! :0)