Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video: Ewe Delivers Triplets

I shot this video when Maimie the Columbia/Rambouillet ewe was delivering her triplets.

If you are at all squeamish, do not watch this video.  It is graphic, contains blood, birthing fluids and shows the ewe eating the amniotic sac.

If you would like to witness birth in all its messy glory please proceed and enjoy.

She started out quickly.  The first lamb was a full breech presentation, butt first, which she actually delivered without intervention.  I stopped filming when I saw the first lamb might be hung up before she delivered the head.  Fortunately I did not have to intervene, the next contraction she successfully pushed it out without help.  The lamb was alert, up and nursing in minutes.  The second lamb was not filmed because I was checking her (internal exam).  If she had only a single I was going to graft one of the triplets from earlier in the day on to her - she did not look like she was carrying triplets - twins lambs was a surprise, triplets shocking.  After I checked her she popped out another, then I filmed the third. 

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Karen said...

That ewe seemed to make short work of a big job. Rather her than me!
Congrats on the triplets.