Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick Update & More Lamb Races

I am so tired I am not sure if I should scratch my watch or wind my butt.

Last night was traumatic.  We had to pull a massive lamb from a ewe with some type of stricture in the birth canal.  The ewe had been in labor for 36 hours and was exhausted.  The lambs were in distress, we were lucky to be there to help.  One leg was turned back.  I had to reach in and straighten it. It took both John and I pulling along with Monique on speaker phone trying to help out.  A combination of things finally worked, unfortunately the first ewe lamb died.  It's twin survived after a rough start.

Both the ewe and lamb are doing better this evening and it looks like both will make it.

The ewe lamb is a gorgeous black.  Mom is a Columbia Rambouillet.  The ram was a AI coopworth. It is my hope that this combination will make a good fleece for felting.   Unfortunately this ewe will have to be culled due to an abdominal hernia and the stricture in the birth canal. Unless I decide to keep her for working dogs.  I have not decided yet.  She is Maimie's twin.

This afternoon after we returned from lunch we arrived to find this...

Ruth is in the front with her twin lambs.  One ewe, one ram lamb.  The ewe behind by the big rock also had her lambs, another ewe & ram lamb.  The ewe in the back is the Border Leicester/coopworth ewe we almost lost to pregnancy toxemia last month. 

Both sets are doing fantastic.  Four large, healthy, vigorous lambs with excellent mothers.

Our stats so far:

14 ewes delivered, 8 more to go
16 ewe lambs
10 ram lambs
2 deaths at birth (1 ewe, 1 ram)
1 still born (dog attack)
2 sets of triplets
11 sets of twins
1 single
26 lambs to date

Now for more lamb races!  Just quick videos I shot with my iPhone.  Enjoy!


Karen said...

A tired lamb is a good lamb, they'll all sleep well at night:)
Now could you get a bit pile of wood chips or something dumped in your field so the lambs can race up the pile and leap off the top!
Ours used to run up the manure pile and do that. Thanks for my morning smile:)

Karen said...

PS. Love the markings on those two lambs with the black legs. They look like they are wearing coats.

gvmama said...

Looks like a happy, healthy bunch.

Peggy Frezon said...

I'm sorry for your traumatic lambing but pleased to see the ewe and one little one doing well. Those videos of the lambs running make me smile. I'm glad I found you today!