Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are DONE!

We are finished with lambing. 

The final Border Leicester had her lambs, a week early.

This is her first lambing.  Two ram lambs.

The coats made a reappearance because these guys had very little body weight and needed all the help they could get maintaining temperature.

Daisy finally had her lambs.  The first one was huge, and I had to pull it due to locked elbows and sheer size.  She was happy to have them both out.  She is an excellent mother.

Tulip, was one of the ewe lambs we hoped was not bred, but she was...and thankfully she lambed with absolutely no difficulty.  A wonderfully healthy ewe lamb.  Tulip is a splendid mom, very protective and watchful over her lamb.

I pray that these were the last lambs to be born.  There are two very young ewes that were included in the total ewes due to lamb that we are hoping are not pregnant.  They would have been exposed to the ram for a short time after the dog attack.  If they are not pregnant (due at the end of the month) then we are DONE! 

Final Lambing Stats

20 ewes delivered
2  remain - doubtful pregnancy - are not supposed to be pregnant

40 lambs total
-1 still born (disrupted attachment - dog attack)
-1 death at birth (premature ram lamb)
-1 death from birth complication (ewe lamb died due to birth complication)
-1 death from being smashed in jug by ewe (ram lamb)

36 surviving lambs
~14 ram lambs
~22 ewe lambs

2 sets of triplets
15 sets of twins
3 singles

Break down by Breed 

Sire Coopworth (Johnson)
Clun Forest/Romney - 3 sets of twins, 1 triplet (4 ewe lambs, 5 ram lambs)
Romney Ewes - 1 single (ram lamb), three sets of twins (4 ewe lambs, 2 rams)
Columbia Ramboillet - 1 set of twins (ewes), 1 set of triplets (2 rams, 1 ewe)

Sire - Coopworth (Roy)
Border Leicester - 5 sets of twins (5 ewe lambs, 5 ram lambs)
Katahdin Ewe (first lambing) - single (1 ewe lamb)
Daisy - Katahdin Ewe - twins (1 ram, 1 ewe)

Katahdin Sire (Monique's Katahdins)
Three twins (5 ewe lambs, 1 unknown)

Now my life can return to regular scheduled programming. 

Whoops, maybe not.

Blogging has been seriously impacted by my new job.  To put this bluntly I am flipping exhausted at the end of the day.  AND I have lost 34 pounds thus far. 

Lambs are growing like weeds

My dogs are happy going to work with me.  Brynn and Beth are the happiest.  Brynn's day today was spent between chasing a basket ball up and down the yard, an occasional stop to check that the sheep were behaving, back to playing basketball, following around the tractor, etc.  She is out like a light. 

Another way our life has changed dramatically....My daughter, psuedo son in law and grand daughter have moved into our house until they can get on their feet again financially.  The economy hit them both hard and we are happy we have the space to share, but wow....it is interesting to go from a relatively quiet home back to utter chaos again. 

That said, I have a bunch of pictures to process that I have managed to shoot over the past few weeks that I can't wait to share when I have the time.

Till then, please be patient with my lack of blogging and iPhone pictures.  One day I will recover full mobility in my hands, arms, shoulders, legs, back, neck....muscle cramps make typing very difficult. 

Now to get ready for shearing, next week.  I cannot wait to get my hands on Piglet's fleece. 

Time to go to bed and count the sheep of my dreams. 



Karen said...

Congrats on all the lambs, your new job, and it's side benefit of weight loss.!!!

Lynette said...

Ditto to Karen's comment! Take care of yourself.

RYKER said...

Yes, congratulations on the weight loss. With all those folks living with you you should have lots of helpers out in the fields.
The photos of the babies are so dang cute! Defiantly some awww moments there.

pam said...

Lamb in a bucket. Way cute!

gvmama said...

I think some of those lamb pictures are really "stuffed" lamb toys. It is impossible to be that cute!

Rama's Mama said...

Ohhhhh I was sighing out loud at the babies! That one in the tub is precious. So beautiful. I need to be on a farm. <3