Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fred & More Lambs

This morning started out with a Baa, Ewe, Ewe.  Two ewe lambs for Monique's last katahdin. 

Mom held on to these way past the due date.  They are easily as big as the lambs that are a week old.  Note: in the picture below they are less than an hour old.  Healthy strong little tykes. 

I love the markings on this one, black, brown & white.  She will be a lovely looking ewe.  

Fred is doing well.  Who is Fred do you ask?  It is the chilled lamb from yesterday. The one I DID NOT NAME.  The name came from John.  *sigh* 

Fred is drinking the bottle well, today he drank 32 oz in 6 hours. 
He keeps going to the wall and looking for the nipple that pops out of now where.

Fred may be painfully cute, but he missed out on a few 'smart' genes. 

Thankfully he is still trying to nurse and mom has not rejected him.  Although she looks a wee bit freaked out.  At least she calls to him now when I am feeding him.  Progress, apparently she has figured out she has three lambs, not two.

 I like his little coat, it is handy to pick him up when I need to check his temperature. 

This evening when we were relaxing from a long day since Monique was doing the evening lamb check.  When she arrived at the field she called saying one of the ewes I was concerned about earlier was cast (on her back) and screaming like a banshee. 

John and I jumped into the car to give Monique help if necessary.  It was not needed.  She had everything under control.  Ended up she needed to pull the first lamb which was stuck from locked elbows.  Poor mom had somehow ended up on her back.  The whole while Monique was pulling the lambs Jim was running in circles like a deranged muppet, and hovering over her while she tried to help the ewe.  He was quite concerned. 

Thankfully it all ended well!   Live twin lambs.  One ewe lamb and one ram lamb.  Pictures tomorrow. 

6 ewes delivered 16 more to go
8 ewe lambs
5 ram lambs



Karen said...

Wow, your lamb percentage so far is great!
In the picture of the three lambs, Fred looks the biggest. Yeah, I know he's closest to the camera.
That's the problem with supplementing lambs, sometimes they spend all their time waiting for that magic nipple to appear.

Emma Rose said...

Wow! Just, wow!