Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Because I am rediscovering muscles I never even knew I had, blogging is going to be short this evening...I am unable to actually pick up my arms, makes typing difficult. 

I have been enjoying my iPhone through lambing, it is fun to play with the pictures and Instagram when I am bored waiting for a lamb to be born or just letting the sheep graze in an area I need to watch them.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.  So here is the last couple of weeks in Instagram.   

As you all know I have some favorite ewes.  This is one of them, Rebecca.  She is a Border Leicester.

I just got her in the birthing jug when she delivered the first ewe lamb.  Shortly after she delivered the twin.  She stayed lying down turned and started to clean them both off.  As I helped towel them dry she licked my fingers and started talking to her lambs.  Since she was doing such a nice job I left her alone and shot a few pictures of this endearing scene. 

She has the first born lamb tucked under her fleece, cleaning it off and keeping her warm.  She got a wee bit chilled while mom gave birth to it's twin.  Rebecca seemed to know that.  She kept her tucked in that warm spot the entire time she cleaned her lambs. 

"Hi there, I am your sister, who are ewe?".

Rebecca continues to make me smile every day.  I love this ewe. 

A good mom for sure.

The lambs are growing leaps and bounds.

Fred with his sister

A lamb pile around the tree on top of what is left of the old round bale.  I want to clean this up but the lambs love to lay on the tarp and soft hay.

Jim is tolerating the lambs in his space....finally.

I think he is getting used to his job.  Often I will find him all by himself in the farthest reaches of the pasture - having a snit.  Personally I think it is growing pains and he is sick of the young-ens.

Fred always seems to find the best spots to take a nap.  Warm in the sun...

Lambs in a row

Lambs on a rock

Triplets tucked into a triplet pile

A field full of lambs

The lambs are having fun exploring the pasture

Romney ewe with her twins

John luring the sheep back into the pen on a bitterly cold & snowy day with the all powerful pink grain bucket.

John the Llama whisperer

Just a pretty scene...

Grazing in the new pasture

Brynn helping to funnel the lambs and ewes back into the night pasture.

Brynn inches forward, then sits to hold pressure.  At least that is what I think she is doing.  She often sits instead of lie down, depends on the situation. 

Brynn waits patiently, scooting forward on her tummy, until the lambs get up. 

Onward we go.

A slice of Heaven on Earth. 

And next year...we will be lambing across the street in THIS!  Behold the Barn of my Dreams. 


zeeFM said...

that second last pic is just wonderfully gorgeous !

gvmama said...

Please make a calendar and include all of you wonderful sheep/lamb/dog with sheep pics. I'll be the first to buy.
So love the Rebecca and lamb photos. FABULOUS!