Monday, March 12, 2012

Ruth the Romney & other Randomness

This is John's favorite ewe.  She loves to have her head scratched.  She will lean into you like a dog for her daily massage.  I can bend over and put my arms all the way around her and give her a big hug.  She will just lean into you.  She cracks me up because if you scratch her butt she wiggles back and forth like a dog will if you hit just the right spot. 

Ruth came from Bullock Romneys.  She was a yearling ewe in their breeding stock when they called it quits and sold off their flock several years ago.  Most of the Romney breeders in the PNW claim Bullock lines in their breeding programs.  We are very lucky to have the four original Bullock ewes we have. 

Ruth was showed, which is why she is so friendly and used to being touched.  I can put her in a spot and she will stay, almost perfectly 'stacked'.  It cracks me up, but she will darn near 'heel' when you walk around too. 

She also poses nicely.  She is a happy ewe.  Look at that smile.  In this picture her back like looks a little funny, that is because the fleece on her butt is ruffled up from being scratched.  Her back line is perfectly straight and strong. 

As you can tell she is a very pregnant.  She was due on the 8th according to the date she was marked by the ram.  I cannot wait to see these lambs. 

I look at her bag and I hurt. 

 I am sure she wants to see her lambs soon too. 

Brynn had her first experience with the ewes and their lambs.  It was time to let them out to graze a bit in the pasture.  The ewes were unsure about going through the new gate John built to the new pasture.  We brought Brynn in to help.  her 'poise' blew me away. 

She was so gentle with the lambs.  At first she was not quite sure what they were. When Fred walked right up to her and sniffed her nose she quietly tolerated it...then licked him on the face. He hopped away.

She listened to everything I asked of her.  She gently applied pressure when needed.  The minute the ewe turned on her she would turn her head away, removing pressure, not giving ground, simply showing she was not a threat to the lambs.   The one time Maimie tried to head butt her, she air snapped her nose, Maimie gave up, turned and went through the gate. 

We were able to smoothly put the ewes and the lambs out to graze for a short while, then put them back through the "pallet alley". 

My baby dog is growing up.  Speaking of Baby Dogs, Bea will be coming home at the end of April!  Yeah! 

Now for the rest of the lambs to arrive. 

Anytime now...


zeeFM said...

Ruth looks like such a sweetie and the lambs are squeeworthy!

Versailles Rose said...

The posts about the ewes and lambing are wonderful. I just smile when I read them. Bryn is just wonderful with the lambs. =)