Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cold Lamb

When I checked the lambs last night I noticed one of the clun's triplets was looking a wee bit punky. 

This morning I found it unconscious.  It's mouth was cold, limbs were stiff, unresponsive, near death.  I had John shove the lamb down under his coat while I rigged up something in my car to rewarm it quickly. 

I knew hot air would warm the quickest, yet still retain the scent mom used to identify it.  I cranked the heat up to 90 and set the fan on high to blast heat.  Then I hooked a towel into the glove compartment and tucked it around the edges.  Leaving the lamb's head out to breath. We let it sit there for a loooooong while. 

I periodically moved it around, massaged it and gave it a dextrose solution orally.  After two hours, it's suck instinct returned and was able to take some lamb milk replacer, but not a lot.  We repeated this same routine over the course of 6 hours, drove to McDonalds, ate lunch in a VERY warm car.  The drove home, stopped at the bakery, drove around some more etc, finally it perked up.  So we went home for a bit.  I needed to make more milk and we needed to give our poor feet a break from the heater. 

We put the lamb in a dog crate in front of the fire where it was able to get up, move around and make more racket than I ever thought possible. 

Little lamb sucked down 12 oz of lamb milk replacer, then another 6 oz.  While it screamed and hollered I whipped out my sewing machine and made it a warmer coat out of a remnant of polar fleece I had.  I didn't care about edges, or appearance I just wanted functional, comfortable and warm. 

It fit perfectly. 

House lamb stylin' it's new coat.  

This lamb has it goin' on. 

Oh yeah, this lamb is going to set the alley way on its ear.  Look at that swagger. 

Now that lambie pie is warm with a full belly it was time to go back to mom.  Hopefully she would not reject it. 

Driving Miss Lambie.  

All seemed well when we left.  Momma was nursing it.  There is some question about her milk supply and if she has enough to feed triplets.  If lambie pie is cold again tomorrow or does not seem to be getting enough to eat it will be going to the little girls next door who want a lamb to bottle feed. 

Whatever happens this little lamb is a fighter. 

I want to point out....I DID NOT NAME IT!  Ha!  I am making progress. 


gvmama said...

Omg. I am so enjoying your lambing adventure. The lamb jackets are the best. You have a HUGE heart, no doubt. Wishing you the best throughout your lambing season.

Karen said...

Isn't it amazing how they can seem so cold and near death and will not suck. Once you get their body temperature back up to normal, you have a whole different lamb.
Hope mum has enough milk for all three, or perhaps you can supplement this lamb? Although that doesn't always work too well. I used to sneak a lamb onto another ewe for a snack. I'd hold one of her own lambs in front of the imposter, so she was smelling something familiar. You are limited on some of the things you can do if you aren't there all the time.
Always seemed wrong to me that sheep only have two teats and cows, with their mostly single calves, have four!

Pat A said...

You might not have named that lamb but after this, it will need to be part of your permanent flock or be sold, There is no way it can be other wise. Bob kept thinking it could but the kids taught him it could not. He had to forget his early life on a Utah farm and learn to live their life on a farm.

Loretta Mueller said...

That was our Ernestine last year!!! Fingers crossed mom will be able to raise it!!!!!!!