Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Sucks

I have had my fill of this white crap.  

I certainly hope you do not expect me to work in this sh*it.  
It is not in my contract.  

You ask me to do a damn thing in this COLD there better be plenty of Bacon forthcoming.  

Get the white crap off my ball! 

This is some f'ed up sh*t.  (News Flash: Beth does not like the snow.)

Get off and STAY OFF my ball! 

My ball, no white crap allowed.  

Unless it is Bacon Flavored.  

(Beth has a potty mouth, sorry, she picked it up from Camera Face.)


S.P. Bordershot-Photography said...

So lovely.
Wonderful shots.
Greatings S.P.

Lynette said...

It's beautiful, but I'm with Beth! I can't wait to see green grass again. My meadow has become a glacier, and the walk to my car is treacherous! I hope you're staying safe during your clean-up efforts! Thank you for the great pictures.

gvmama said...

Hahahahaha Beth's expressions are wonderful!